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The little differences which seem to hav...

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The little differences which seem to have arisen between the counci and the board of public works ove the matter of sewerage construction will undoubtedly be quickly straight ened out. They arise from a mis apprehension of the relative power and duties of the two bodies. It i not true that the board of public works has ignored the council in re gard to the sewer, or in the pur chase of sewer pipe, as one or two of the aldermen intimated Monday The council itself ordered the boarc to purchase the pipe, after the bids specimens and a full report of the tests had been submitted to the council. That the sewer committee of the council has not also reported is not the fault of the board of pub lic works. If the council had de sired such a report, it should have called for it. The sewer committee of the council has no business to take charge of the construction of the sewer. Yet it is an important committee within its sphere. For the council has the right to determine just where the sewer shall go how much money shall be spent in its construction, and all bids, etc. after being opened by the board of public works, are referred to the council for their acceptance or re jection. The line of demarkation between the council and the boarc is plain. The council is no longer an executive board. It is legislative in its functions. The board, on the other hand$ is an executive body The council determines what shal be done. The board recommends what shall be done, and after the matter is determined executes the wishes of the body. A body o: thirteen men is too large to take charge of the work of construction. A body of three men can from its very smallness of numbers perform more and better executive work. Both bodies are working for the same end. We want sewers. We want the work to begin at once, to give employment to labor, and harmony must be infused into the city government.


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