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The annual picnic of the Crawford Coanty Farmers' Hsscciution will be held at Parker's Corners on hept. 19. Summit towuship, Masón co'inty, has a curiosity in the form of a lamb which is now a month oíd and has no wool whatever. The Sanilac County Agricnltural society will hold its tUirty-íiítl; annual fair Sept. 14 and 15. A race' meeting wili be held on the löth. Several localities in the vicinity of Allegan report a frost Wednesday morning, which. liovvever, was not severe enough to seriously damage cro;-s. Houghton will hold a special election Sept. 11 to vote on the question of issuing $10,000 bonds to provide for the erection of au ndditional reservoir, and for extending % iiter supply to Kast and West Houghton. Saturday, Sept. 2. The Wolf Creek Butter and Cheese association has been incorporated, with a capital stock of Í4.350. This year's reunión of the Fifth Michigan cavalry has been declared off on account of the hard times. The annual convention of the Leelanaw County Sunday School assoeiation will be held at Xorthport Sept. 11 and 12. At a special election Sept. 7 Vernon citizens will vote on the question of bonding the city for 6,000 for public improvements. A traction engine set fire to a lot of unthreshed oats and wheat, causiug a $70 loss for J. W. Talyor of Wakeshani, Kalamazoo eounty. The loeation of a big paper mili at Watervliet has pi ven that village a big boom, and an addition of several acres has already been platted. Chai'les Woodrufï's barn was destroyed by iire at Hamilton, together with his erop of wheat, o„ts, hay and liis farming implemeuts. Monday, Sept. 4. The potnto erop in llauistee county will be very light on account of the drouth. A railroad tricycle idea of propulsión has been applied to a pleasure boat by a Grand Haven yachtsman. Mrs. Alice Skenterburg of Dundee dropped dead Saturday evening, aged 75. Heart disease was the cause. A Three Rivers farmer lias completed a machine for cutting corn by horsepower, and it is wovking suecessfully. At Lapeer John Crosly and EdwardHarrigan were senteuced to tUe state prison for four years for burglarj.


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