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A Mystery Explained

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One of the motorneers discovered a complete outfit of clothing near the Michigan Central depot, last Friday night. It consisted of coat, vest, pants, shirt, in fact a complete outfit, including the hat. It was covered with blood. Officer Collins was notified at about eleven o'clock. The coat contained letters addressed to a young man of this city, and the pants contained, among other articles, his keys. The find was an extremely mysterious one, and some of those who speculated over the clothes thought it was a case of suicide. Patrolman Collins acted quickly, and by midnight had found he residence of the owner of the clothes, and the mystery was exjlained. The young man, who is well known in the city, and whose name is not given on that account, ïad had nine teeth extracted that afternoon, taking ether for the operation. Afterwards, to recover :rom the effects, probably, he had jowled up considerably and found his way near the depot, where he had stripped himself of all his clothing, retaining his shoes. He had then found his way home, where he presented himself to his alarmed family in the garb which nature alone had given him, excepting, of course, the shoes. Early in the morning the family sent down to the street railway power house for his clothing.


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