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To niake the hair grow a natural olor, prevent baldness, and keep the calp healtliy, Hali's Rair Renewer was nvented, and has proved itself sucessful. Is Your Tongtte Coated, your throat dry, yonr eyes uil and intlamed and do you teel mean feoerally when you get up in the morniig. Your liver and kidneys ai'e not oing tbeir duty. Why don't you take 'arks' Sure Cure. It it does not make ou feel better it eosts you nothing. It ures Bright's Disease Diabetis, and 11 Kidney complaints. Only guanuieed cure. It %s Strange hat people suffering from Piles will endure them for years or submit o dangerous, painful, cruel, and ex)ensive surgical operations, when 11 the time there is a painless, cerain lasting cure, which gives instant elief and costs but a trifle. It is alled the Pyramid Pile Cure and an be found at all drug stores. Any ruggist will get it for you if you sk him. Our Qrandmothers Way Was to steep roots and herbsand use i every night. We can do llie sanie 3y nsing Parks' Tea. Nothing acts íis (romptly and without discomfort. Xot a pill or a cathartic but moves the bowels every day. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.


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