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that some houses always seem to need repainting ; they look dingy, rusted, faded. Others always look bright, clean, frê"sh. Tho owner of the first "economizes" with "cheap" mixed paints, etc; the second paints with Strictly Pure White Lead The first spends three times as much for paint in five years, and his buildings never look as well. Almost everybody knows that good paint can only be had by using strictly pure White "Lead. The difficulty is Fack of care in selecting it. The following brands are strictly pure White Lead, "Old Dutch" process; they are standard and well known - established by the test of years : "Armstrong & McKelvy" "Beymer-Bauman" "Eckstein" "Fahnestock" "Anchor" "Kentucky" "Morley" "Southern" "Shipman" "Red Seal" "Collier" "Davis-Chambers" For any color (other than white) tint the Strictly Pure White Lead with National Lead Company's Pure White Lead Tinting Cclors, and you will have the best paint that it is possible to put on a building. For sale by the most reüable dealers in paints evïrywhere. If you are going to, it will pcy you to send to us Tor .-. beo': co-rairü'nj; information that mav' aave yc'i many a dollar ; it vvill only co'ut you pótul card to do so. NATIONAL LEAD CO., 1 Bi or.Cxay, New YorE. Chicago Dr2rch, State and Fiftctsin Strscts,


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