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Look Out In Burning Leaves

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The ordinance against burning leaves will be enfoiced. The ordinance prohibits the burning of leaves in this city except between the hours of 6 a m. and 12 noon. The first arrest undei the ordinance was made Tuesday, when George Merringer was taken before Justice Bennett, for burning leaves in front of George Walir's. As he pleaded ignorance of the ordinance and as it was the first arrest under it, he was let off with the payment of $2.40 costs. The ordinance is one that should be most vigorously euforced. The air of the city is made too foul to breathe all day long by the innumerable bonflres going in every direction. Six hours a day gives ampie time in which to bum all the leaves, if they must be burned. The rest of the day the people should be allowed to breathe fresh air.


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