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flLLJAPER We have received our Large Stock of New Spring designs. Prices Greatly Ketlueed. Best Papers at 5 to 6 Cts. a Roll. Heavy Whites, at 7 to 8 Cts. a Roll. i Fine Gilt Papers at 8 and 10 a Roll. Embossed Paper at 12 to 15 Cts, a Roll. Best Stock in Ihe city 10 select from Geod Window Shades, all complete, on spring Rollers, at 25c each. Particular attention given to Paper Hanging and Decorating. Opp. Court House, Main Street. Aan Arbor. REPOKT OF THE 00NDITI0N OF THE IMllMlASl'SiSK - AT- ASN ARBOR, MSCHZSAK, At the close of business, July 12, 1S93. RESOUKOES. Loans and discounts S'26T.f!23 i'.i Stocks Honda and MortgageS, etc 87 715 07 Over.lrafts 3,539 75 Due from banks in reserve eiiit-s 17,362 Si Oue frouiothor banki and bunkers 2,069 60 Puefi'om Washtcnaw Co 3,315 1-i Furnitnre and fixtures .... ...V 2000 Ud Uum-m expenses and laxes pü ' 25 60 [nterebt paid ss7 38 Uheckaaud cash itcuis 3,640 21 Nk-kcls xnd pennies 219 4S 3oW coia 10,35000 Pilvtrcoin 1.ÜS320 CT.S aauNatioua) U.n;k Noi s 13,598 00 Total $411,099 52 LIAHIUXIKS. r'tpitnlpt'jek paid ui $ so.OOO 00 surplufunJ 20,a00 60 Undividea jiroilu 5,786 08 Divjdends tin paid _.._ 135 rj individual deposite..; .". 99,97902 Omtiflcatesof doposit 1531948 69 Savinxs deposita 82,200 33 Total $1,099 62 ST.VTE OF MICHIGAN, („ Counly of Vaahtcnaw, j SSI, Frederick II. Beber, Cashier of the above aam6d bank. do solemnly swear tbat the above statement ie true co the beBt of my knowledse nd belief. F. H. Belsek, Oashier, Correct- Attest . Ambhose Kkauney, ) W.F.Breakkv, Direetors. Edwakd Dufft, I SnbBcrihed and sworn u before me thia 19th day 3Í Juiy, 1SU3. H. A. Williams, Notary Public.


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