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The Mayor's Latest Move

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Mayor Thompson 's latest move in the marshalship embroglio has been the suspension of Murray and the preferring of charges against him looking towards his removal. A special meeting of the council has been called for next Monday evening when the charges will be considered. The charges are as follows: Mayor's Office, Ann Arbor, Oct. 24th, 1893. By virtue of the power and authority vested in me by the charter of this city I do hereby order, direct and declare 1. That James R. Murray, marshal and chief of pólice, be and is hereby suspended from said office. 2. That James R. Murray, marshal and chief cf pólice, be and is hereby removed from said office, provided a majority of the common council consent thereto. Said James R. Murray is removed from office as marshal and chief of pólice for cause. I hereby charge him with 1. Negleet of duty. 2. With disobedience of orders. Specifications under charge 1, neglect of duty: (a) That said James R. Murray, well knowing that on Sunday, the 8th day of October, 1893, a large number of persons were in the saloon kept by one Joseph Dennison, in this city, and that one of such persons white in said saloon on that day committed a felony and was afterwards arrested, and on Monday, the 9th day of October, was convic.ted of such offence, he, said Murray, wholly neglected, until ordered to do so by the mayor, to make complaint against said Joseph Dennison, for keeping open said 'saloon contrary to the provisions of the statute. (b) That said James R. Murray having been informed by Joseph Dennison that a building kept and occupied by him as a saloon in the city of Ann Arbor was on the Sth day of October, 1893, feloniously broken open and entered by a number of persons, who then and there drank the beer and smoked the cigars of said Joseph Dennison, he, said James R. Murray wholly neglected to make complaint against any person or persons for feloniously breaking and entering said saloon, although he well knew the persons so charged with the commission of said offence. Specifications under charge 2, disobedience of orders: (a) That said James R. Murray having been informed and knowing that the saloon kept by one Joseph Dennison in the city of Ann Arbor was open on Sunday, Oct. 8, 1893, and that a. large number of evll disposed persons were congregated therein on that day, drinking, carousing, robberies and other offences, he wholly negleeted to report to the mayor any oí such facts and Information, in violation of the instructions which he had heretofore received to report promptly to the mayor any violation of the statutes or ordinances coming to his knowledge. B. M. THOMPSON, Mayor. Mayor's Office, Ann Akbor, Oct.24, 1S33. James 11. Mürrat, Esq., Marshal and Cliief of Pólice: Sir.- I have the honor to inform you that I have tliis day suspended you from office aud ilso that with the consent of the council I lave removed you from office for cause upon charges specifications. A copy of the order of suspension and remo%'al and of the charges and specifications are hereto aunexed. Yours respectfully, B. M. THOMPSON, Mayor. Mayor's Office, Akn Arbor, Oct. 24, 1893. To the Honorable the Common Council : Gentlemen.- I have the honor to report to your honorable body that I have this day suspended from office James E. Murray, marshall and chief of pólice, and also, that with the consent of the council, I have removed said Murray from office for cause upoa charges and specifications hereto annexed and to which your attention is called. V ours respectfully, Marshal Murray's side of the case throws a little different light on the subject from that thrown by the official document of Mayor Thompson's. He has counseled with John F. Lawrence, Esq., and will malee a full defence to the charges. The Argus -understands that the testimony taken the Monday after Dennison is charged with being open, the testimony in the case of the man steahng a watch in the saloon showed that the men in the saloon had broken in a window and entered in the absence of both Dennison and his bar-tender, that Dennison had afterwards arrived on the scène and put them out and complained of them for stealing a watch. Under such circurastances, the marshal says he feit that a saloon-keeper was not obliged to wait until Monday morning before going into his saloon to turn intruders out. On Wednesday, Mayor Thompson took him to task for not making coraplaint against Dennison and he explained the matter to him. The mayor told him to make the complaint and he at once did so. The council meeting Monday night will prove a very interesting one. Mayor.


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