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A Second Confession

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Washington, Ind., Oct. 26. - Jame Stone has inade a second coufession completely exonerating the person whom he implicated in the first con fession in the Wratten inurder on Sun day morning. Tuesday he stated to Deputy Prose cutor Hastings that his first confession was in the main untrue; that he alone was guilty of the atrocious crime and that he had no accomplice. He says that he and Martin Yarber last snmmer spoke of robbing the house, but that Yarber backed down. He said that, arming himself with a small ax and a corn knife, he pioceeded to the house at 10 o'clock. Calling Mra. Wratten to the door, he informed her that he had a case of toothache and Mra. Wratten brought hiin some Wizard oil. As she brought it he struck her to the floor with the cornknife. He theu rushed into the room where Mr. Wratten and the children were. Ethel Wratten, the 11-year-old girl who survived the terrible blow she received that night for several days, first awoke, and, recognizing Stone, exclaimed: "Budd Stone, what are you doing here?" He struck her, then turned to the helpless patiënt and struck him a fatal blow on the forehead; next he killed both the sinall children. He tried the door to the room of old Mrs. Wratten, but could not force it, and went around the house and forced the window by breaking it with his foot. Here a terrible struggle ensued. for the old lady was strong as in her prime. He then passed through the rooms in which his other victims lay. Mr. and Mrs. Wratten were both still living, but delirious. He gave them the final blow. Stone did not get any money, and says after the tragedy he did not care for money. Stone theu hid his clothes and bloody weapons. He was the first at the Wratten homestead the next day and frave the alarm of the murder. He was a pallbearer at the funeral and assisted the undertaker in dressing the bodies for burial. He says he has been forgiven by the Lord and is a happy man. He wrote the following to his wife and children: Dear Cecillia, Sallie, Ezra ajtd HarRY- I don't think I will ever see your faces again. Raise these childrenV to ïear God. I can tell you today I am happy in a Savior's love. I sought Christ yesterday evening and all last night. I have found him precious to my soul and am now ready to di e and I am a hapoy man. Please meet me in heaven, all of you. Tell Cecillia to write to me as soon as she gets this; that she done just right in telling the truth on me to the grand jury. She saved her soul and mine, too. Pray for me, Cecillia. Goodby. John E. Stose. It is reported that when the constable went to arrest Stone, he invited the constable into farnily prayers, after I which fie said he would go with fiim. I His wife has been brought to I ton for protection, as she feared violence from the notorious gang to which her husband belonged.


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