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The Argus For 1894

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The Argus begins with this issue its sixtieth volume. For fifty-nine years it has chronicled the news of old Washtenaw and battled valiently for the success of democratie principies. It begins its sixtieth volume with a new firm, and with every preparation to make the sixtieth year a memorable one in the history of the paper. It will be issued twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. The subscription price will, ho wever, remain the same to advanced paying subscribers, one dollar a year. To those who do not pay ia advance the price will be gi.25 per year. This rule will be strictly adhered to. This price makes each issue of the Argus cost its subscribers less than a cent. It is so low that there is hardly a family in the county but what can afford to take it. It is so low that we feel that we can ask each of our readers to bring us at least one new subscriber this month. For some time the Argus has had the larsest subscription list of the English papers of the county. It is not content with this, however. It desires to doublé its list. There are t.000 ueoole in this county who should take the Argus. And that is the size of the list the Argus wants at the end of its sixtieth volume. How do we propose to get them? In the first place we propose to make the Argus a much better county paper than it has been in the past. More time will be devoted by the editors to the editorial and local work. It is our intention largely to ncrease our staff of county corresoondents and we shall strive not to et a good item of news anywhere in the good old county of Washtenaw get away f rom us. In the second place, by sending out the paper twice a week, we will get this news to our readers while it is fresh. As we practically give our readers an extra paper each week without extra cost, we think we are not asking too much to make the request of them that they send in to us at least one new subscriber each. Editorially, the Argus will remain democratic-uncompromisingly democratie, lts democracy will not consist in making faces at the opposite party. It will consist in editorials founded on the basic principies which anímate the party and make it the party of the people. Much more attention will be devoted to the editorial part of paper this year than last, and we can assure our readers that the Argus wilt be found in the thick of the fight. With improved news columns, with greater attention paid to the editorial department, with doublé the number of issues, the Argus greets its readers for 1894. May it be a Happy New Year.


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