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Ann Ajrbob, Mích.. January 1, jak f rursuant to an Act of the LegislaMUÏUAL Fire INSTJBANCB COMPANY presenta to the members the followinitemized statement of the receipts disbursements and condition of said MEMBERSHI1S. 1. Number of members Dec 31 oí previous year.... o 'VI 2. Number of members added during the present year... 252 8. Total of i. Deduct number of niembei-s withdrawn during the year and policies cancel led by n'asonof saleorotherwlse, 89 5. Number of members nmv lxlonging to Company ... 2 713 8. Netincrease jijj BISKS. 1. Arnount of property at risk Dec. 31 of previou'syear... 4i)50O55Ofl 2. Amount of rfeksadded during '")U-U;d-W present year 9.155,00 3Total f 5 40) 'kmwi 4. Deduatrisks cancèlêd, lül)-10-00 drawn, or terminated 25O,62Q.O0 S; Net amount row at risk l)v Oopaqy ..;. 5,158,590.00 liï'1'1 Inorease 208,535.00 HESOUBCE8. 1. Cash on liand Dec. 31, 1893 $ U-l ui 2. Assessments of past year uncollected jg-, 3. Nal are and am't of all other resources. Capital stock of the Company. 5,158,590.00 4. Total aruilable resources. 5,158,724.26 I.IABILITIES. 1. For losses due and payable.2. For losses resisted $ ïiO.OO 3. Due or to become due for borrowed money.. 1,550.00 4. Nature anti amount of all other claims. Stamped envelopes, ordered prtntiiif;, etc, estimated 75.00 Totiil liabilitie- 1 1,955.00 1NCOME. 1. Ciih collêetedon assess tüéiits lerted during tlu: year... $ 4,994.01 ■-. Cash collected on assessments leyled ín prtor yeara 4 94 3. Cash from Uicreased Or decreased Insurance.. (ií7.;í: 4. ('hIi income from all other sources, from borrowed money, ompany notes 4,750.00 5. Aodcash Balance atclose preceding year 225.32 6. Total receipts and income $10,S41.ü0 EXPENDIIURES. SCEEDUIE A. Name of Offlcer or Director to Whom paid. 1. W. K. Childs, Sec.andTreas. salaiy í 500.00 ' 2. John F. Spafard, Director, " 67.10 3. Wm. E. Biocklng, " " 203.70 4. E. E. Leiand, " " 114 00 5. Edwin Hall, " " . 97.70 (i. Wm. Campbell, " " . 159.80 7. R. C. Reeve, Auditor, " 490 8. J. W. Winjt, " '■ " 480 9. P. B. Brann, " ' '. 4'.oo 10. Total u;IÜ) SCHEDDÍiE B. Kans „f "All OUier Expenses." 1. Paid 2i; losses fire and Ughtning..$ 5.8Ü3.37 2. six notes borrowed money.. . 3,2uO.W) 3. interest on borrowed money ."'.). li1' ■ incidental account 240 5.' postage account 100 40 ijprWtmg and stationery 7. ' collectors1 commission and exchange 82.84 8. Paid réfuntled assessments i'-2!i !). " office rent. 5:i 00 10. " delégate lo state Insurance meeting.... s.qq „ , , , . $ 0,370.9 ScheduleA torward 1,156.00 Total expenditures 510,526.99 Add i-asli on hand, Dec. 31, 1893 114.U1 Bal. down $10,541.(0 MI8CE1XANEOPS QUESTIOXS. 1. Iliiiv tnany assessments have been made during the yèarf Answer, One. 2. What is the amount of all the assessments made during the year? $ó,013.G(i. 3. Wliat is the rate percent, of sucli assessments on the property insured? Ans., il per $1,000. 4. W liat, amount of losses are allowed t accumulate before an assessment is li!vied'J Ans., Losses of ono year, 5. What proportion of damage or actual loss sustained on real property does the Company pay? Ans., The insured amount. 0. What proportion of damage or actual loss sustained on personal property does the Company pay? Ans., Two-thirds. State of Michigan, ) County of Washtenaw, fss1, Wm. K. Childs, Secretary of said Company. do depose andsay, that I haveprepared the lorefroiiifi statement, and know the contente tliereof, and that the said statement is true. Wm. K. Childs, Secretary. Sworn and subscribed before me, at Ann Arbor, in said State and County, this Seconci day of January, A. 1). 1894. A. T Huohes, JNotary Public, Washtenaw County, Kiel). GRfiND OPERA HOUSE ONE NIGHT ONLV. Monday, Jan, 8„ 1894. THE GREAT IRISH DRAMA, ü Mm Mm A Star Company of Players. Beautiful Scenery ! NEW MUSIC, NEW SONGS, NEW DANCES. Don't Fall to See this Great lrish Comedy Drama. PRICES: Reserved Seats 7ñc. AdmissionParquette and flrst row in il'arquette Olrole 5c. Parquette CIrcle back of first row, 60c. Gallery ;J5c. Resorved Seats on salo at Watts' Jewalry Store. clüWsalíiñ WINTER MILLINERY ! Hats trimmed and untrimmed, riboons, Lips, fancy feathers and every thing in the millinery lino at half pricc. This sale will continue till February. Ladies olease attend this sale and get your hats at ïalf price. l!(Npeotiully yours, nacías. j. 3yr. otto, Dor. Washington and 4th Ave. No. 1S.


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