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Ice could now be harvested at th thickness of seven inches. Mrs. Geo. McClain and son went to Albion last Mouday to visit friends. Rev. L. A. Moon will preach next uext Sunday night on Martin Luther H. M. Woods, of Ana Arbor wa hete ou business, Tuesday and Wed nesday. T. James and Otmar Andrews, oDexter, called on Chelsea friends on Monday night. Couch Dorr, of Sharon, arrived here ast week with a car load of Jersey cows irom Connecticut. M. J. Lehman, of Ann Arbor, was íere last week Thursday to attend the bchwikrath inquest. Tbe snow fall of Monday made sleig? ng and brought in large quantities of wood, saw logs and grain. Emory Chipman, of Unadilla, was íere on business luesday and will oon move to Lima to live. A couple of gentlemen from Howell re buring milk cows about here and ay froin forty to seventy dollars each. K. J. West, near Sylvan, says he has aughtered and utilized theflesh, bidé nd boues of eighty-five superannuated orses. The coroner's jury last week exonorted the railroad company from all )lame in the killing of Freddie chweikrath. Rev. O. C. Bailey was in Ypsilanti ast Sunday about Sunday-school work nd there was no preaching at the ongregational church last Suuday. The singing school conducted by A. í Meyers closed last Friday night with a very interesting concert that was well attended and much enjoj'ed. There is less employment in and bout this village this winter than for many years past, and laboring peopie are having an unusually hard time. The township treasurers do not have to make returns to the county treasurer till the first of March. There is still a chance for delinquent tax payers. Stock does much beiter to get what aalt they need in small quantities daily, in their food, rather than to get a large quantity at once and then none for awhile. Israel Vogel is now doing some work in the shop across the street f rom where he was in the shop formerly used by H. M. Boyd, until he can rebuild his shop. John C. Taylor has sold his farm in Lima to Frank Cooper. who will move onto it in the spring, and Emory Chipman, ot Unadilla, will move onto the farm where Frank now is. The company's stock yards in this village are to be removed within thirty days and C. J. Chandler&Co. will proceed to put up three buildings in their place for future use in their egg and poultry trade. An unusual number of farms w'ill climige hands in this county next spring, partly brought about by over indebiedness and partly by the fact that it is generally believed that farming is about as low as it can get, and not likely to improve in the near future. Farming lands have been held too high for the burdens they have to bear and the net proceeds from them. Farmers are far more numerous than ! aiif other class, and yet our laws have been made against thein and in favor i of less naaierous classes that were i ; more united and better represented in i the law makins; power. The farmers ! ! should themselves better in the ! affairs of government and take a more i active part in politics. These are days ' of hustling, and the farmers have not j hustled tor their rights like every other class, and it is no wonder they have ! got left. Nothing short of a thorough knowledge of men and things that are i going on will enable them to have proper representatives at the seat of government and recover their risrhts so ' long disrcgarded. The market continúes very dull and gives no sign vet of any advance, Wheat brings 55c for red or white ! rye 44e, oats 2c, Iwrley $1 per dred, béans $1 :;.5, dover seed $5.7ö, dresserl pork 86, chickens (ie. eggs 12c, i butter 14c. O. A. Burgess, of Sylvan was here i Wediiesday morning with three saw logs and the sleigh tipped over whre turning in the log yard and he had one leg caught uurter the load and prettv ■ badly bruised butfortunately no bones were broken. It was a narrow escape. There is an alarming number of ; cocious baby school girl and school boy i sweethearts in this village. Parents should take measures to sluit down on such trifling nonsense at a time whén their education and preparation for usef ui lives demand and should have their whole undivided attention. Israel Vogel's blacksmith shop on North Main street was discovered to be on flre last Sunday mornmg about tour o'clock. It was so far gone when discovered that nothing of the contents was saved. The lire company saved the foundry and sheds. Mr. ■ Vogel's loss is about $300, insured for $200. The origin of the fire is unknown. _______


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