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The Ann Arbor Savings Bank!

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REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF At Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the close of' business, Dec. 19, 1803. RESOURCES. LTAB1UTJES. Loaus and Discount, .H),"fZ4 48 ,„nira, -,„ ,- , „,,,„.„ Stocks, Uouds, Murtgages, etc 370,161 58 Gpltal toch t .tO.OW OH Overiraft8 892 00 Surplus lund 150,UOO 00 Heat Estáte, Furniture, Fixtures and ündhnded uroflts..-. 18,3 4:i Safety DepoBit Vaults 87,873 64 T. , ' ' m Current expenses and taxespald-I" M66 48 Dlvidends impaid,.:. 0 00 CASH. DKPOSIT3. Duo trom banks in reserve cities ... 101,fl02 07 Due trom other banks - !70 00 Certiiefes f )eposit 66,156 5 Cbecks and cash items. .. 1,114 55 Banken d Bunkers - :f,28.ï Til Silvefco'n1! PenDie8 8,800 Commercial deposIU 165,988 98 Goldcoiu, '. .. ". " " .. 87,000 00 Saiiiirs deposlts, 641,083 28 ü. S. and National Bauk Note? -'ÍI.418 00 895,148 2B W 29 STATE OF MICHIGAN, I County oí Washtenaw. IB8[, Charles E. Hiscock, casbier of the alxv namH bank. do soiemnlv swear thttt the above siatement is true to the bent oí' my knowleilv1 "'1 bollef t'n.s. E. Hiscock. Cashier. Correct- Attest: Chnstian Mfick, W. D. Harrimun. David Ilinsey. Diroctors. Subscribed and 8worn to before me, tbisSKt (ÏHy ol December, L8M8. Michm:., J. Fhitz, Notary Public Capital security, - $10Ó,OQO .ToJ asset, - $1,000,000.00 Capital stock pai tl in, 5O,OO ! Sw -plus, - - 150,000.00 Transacts a general banking business; buya -aad se)ls exchangeson New York, Detroit and Chicago; sells drafte on all tlie principal cilies of Europe. This bank, already having a large business, invites nmrchants and othera to open accounts with them with the assiirance of the most liberal dealing consistent with safe banking. In the Savings Department intert;st ;it t!ie rate of four percent, is paid semi-annually, on the tirst days oí Jamiaiy and July, on all sums that were deposited three months previous to tliose days, thus iifïonlingthepeople of this city and county a perfectly safe depository for funds, together with a return in interest for the same. Money to loan on apüroved securities. Dikecïoks.- Christian Mack. W. D. H arriman. Daniel Hiscock, William Denbel, Willard B. Smith, David Rinsey. and L. Gninw. Offickrs.- Christian Mack, President: W. D. [larnman, Vice-President: Chas. E. Hiscock. Cashier, M. J. Fritz, Ass'i-Cnsliicr.


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