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Deserted At The Altar

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Miss Alice Loraine Westbrook, of Kalamazoo, who spent two years in the literary department of the University of Michigan in the class of '86, was married in Kalamazoo last Friday. There is nothing so remarkable about this fact stated above but the events which led up to the marriage were such as to lead to extended comment among those who know the parties. The groom, Giles P. Corey, chief clerk in the Michigan Central freight house at Kalamazoo, was to have married Miss Etnilie Harrigan, a gradúate of a Chicago elocution school and a prominent young lady of Kalamazoo. As she is a Catholic and he a protestant a dispensation had been sought and obtained from Bishop Foley. The wedding was set for last Friday evening and Harrigan's wedding snit had been sent to the house of his intended. On the morning of the wedding day Miss Westbrook took out a marriage license to marry Corey, drove to the freight house, called Corey out and drove with him to the Episcopal rectory, where they were married. Corey had previou?ly been engaged to Miss Westbrook and a scène had been enacted at the home of Miss Harrigan two weeks previously. While Corey was calling there, Miss Westbrook appeared at the door, revolver in hand, and demanded to see Corey. At the sound of her voice, he slipped out the back door. Both young ladies fainted on this occasion. Much sympathy is expressed for Miss Harrigan.


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