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C. E. Duits, of Detroit, was here the last part ot' last week. The days are giowing perceptibly longer and the sun's heatslronger. The ice hquses are being fllled here this week witli ice ight inches thiek. O. J. Cbandler & Co., have built their ice house and got it full of good ice. Amusements are scarce abont here this winter, proba'bly growing out of the hard times. Dr. Chas. Reilly, of Detroit, has been here this week attending the meetings at the town hall. Eighteen hundred bushels of wheat were taken in here on Tiifsday and about the same orí Wednesday. The sophomore class in the high school is preparing a literary entertainment for the 22nd of this moiUh. The Rev. W.W. Whitcombpreached a.n excellent sermón on temperanee last Sunday night at the Baptist church. It issaid that the ground hog saw bis shudow on the 2nd of this month and erawled back into his hole for another six weeks of winter. It does not pay to keep any animal that yon cannot keep in good condition. anything that is not worth doing well had better not be done at all. Wednesday next week is St. Valentine's day when every youngman will send his best girl a nice Valentineand she will send him one while many will show forth quite a different feeling in some tigly cartoon. Tlie market has dropped some sílice last week. Receipts of wheat have been very large the past week, reaching abont l..r)00 bushels a day. It was bought rnostly at 56c per bushei hut the large receipKs have broken the market to 54c. oats 28c, barley $1 per h mul red, ry e 45c, beans, $1.40, dover seed $0. dressed hogs $6, ehickens (ie. egtrs 12(i. butter 14c. The receipts will continue to be large as long as the roing keeps good. A large amount of wheat has got to go now regardless of the [nice. The Rev. Walter Elliott, Paulist, of New York, bas been holding meetings every night this week at the town hall. The object of the meetings seems to be to disabnse the public mind of some false irnpressions heretofore enterbained by some people in regard to the position taken by the Catholic church on the public schools, temperance, eliurch and state, the confessional, and many other important subjects. He is an able, eloquent and forcible speaker, and treated all the subjects in a masterly manner. This is the flrst time our people have been privileged to hear these questions discussed in a popular way by one with full knowledge and authörity to speak offlcially for that church. "The hall has been r:rowded every night, and the people have listened with great interest and profit, and many false inipressions have been removed. There ought to be no fears, jealousies or ill feelings existing between Catholics and Protestants because of any real differences there are between them on the vital questions in either church or state.


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