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Scarlet fever has broken out at 23 Church strect. George Schill, of Anti Arbor, has had his pension increased. John Andrés has been haruesting a big supply of ice of excellent quality. The Courier is feeling good over capturing a $2,000 job of printing from Ohio. Ann Arbor raised just $500 in cash for the suffering miners of the upper peninsular. The Caledonian club meets next Tuesday evening at the residence of Robert Campbell. The Ann Arbor Rifles are making extended preparations for a masked ball, February 22. Justice Pond married Morris S. Root and Miss Ida Lañe, of Ypsilanti, on Wednesday. The Hangsterfer ice cornpany have had sixty men at work this week, harvesting ice. The ice harvested this week has been from seven to nine inches thick and of excellent quality. JósephA. Polhemus runs hiswagonette regularlyto the motor, which proves quile an accommodation to the public. A' main of the Ann Arbor gas company burst this morning, and deprived part of the city of gas for a few hours. The city treasurer paid $10,000 to the county treasurer this week and $15,000 to the school treasurer on Wednesday. For the first time in very many ; veeks, the county of Washtenaw had i balance in the bank. The balance i vas about $1,700. Rev. Mr. Cobern vvill exchange iulpits next Sunday with Rev. trd T. Savin, of the Central M. E. :hurch of Detroit. The council meeting Wednesday light was the shortest on record, asting just five minutes. üne firm in this city sold 40 Doxes of oranges this week, and anither firm sold forty gallons of iysters. John V. Sheehan has purchased :he old homestead of the late Henry W. Rogers, on Huron street,the consideration being $10,000. Michael Daily and William Ross tvere sentenced by Justice Pond Wednesday, to five days in jail for being most decidedly drunk. Thomas J. Keech was elected one of the directors of the Michigan Lumber Dealers association at their meeting in Detroit, Tuesday. Víctor O., Son of George and Fredericka Hirth, of 89 State street, Detroit, died on Wednesday, the 7th. Funeral today at 2 o'clock. Rev. Dr. Cobern will deliver a series of lectures on popular amusements, Sunday evenings, commencing a week from next Sunday evening. The Register, this week, intimates that when it termed itself the sewer, last week, it made "an exceedingly ridiculous statement." When was it ridiculous, this week or last? At the Young Peoples' Vespers service in St. Andrew's church at 6:45, a paper on "The Students' Chief Temptations" will be read by Miss Julia M. Hodge lit special. Mrs. Tames Fennell, widow of PatrickFennell, of Superior, died Tuesday, aged ninety-six years. She was born in Ireland and had resided in the county for fifty years. Mr. Frank Hallan, of Northfield, and Miss Ella Connors, of Toledo, were married in Toledo by Rev. Fr. Hannan, Wednesday a. m. The bride is a neice of Patrick McKernan, of this city. The Harugari Maennerchor will give one of their popular concerts on March ist, the proceeds of the same to be applied to defraying the expenses of the society to the next Peninsular Saugerfest. Professor Dewey's lecture in the Unity club course next week will be postponed from Monday to Thursday evening (Feb. 15) on account of his absence from the city on the earlier date. Subject of lecture: "The Economie Evolution of Religious Ideas." The Schwaebischen zang Verein have purchased tiis i brick building on Ashley street of Emanuel and Charles Wagner for $5,500, and will arrange it for a hall and society rooms. It is noised about to some extent that the Michigan Central rail road think of abandoning trains No. 19 and 20. Should this rumor be put í into practice the sale of "red tape" will dwindle to mere nothing. The Flying Roll women who found it impossible to convert Editors Osborn, Smitheand Woodruff, of_ Ypsilanti, made their appearance in i Ann Arbor, Wednesday, but having ; learned a Iesson by their Ypsilanti experience, fought shy of the newspaper offices. - ( Rev. Mr. Sunderland will speak ! at the Unitarian church next Sin ! day morning on "Professor Tyndall, and the Relation of Religión to ! ence." Jn the evening Rev. Lee S. McCollister, of Detroit, wil! L-cture upon "The Churches and Ca thedrals of England." Uhistrated with lantern views. "Alderrnan John O'Mara, of th. incomparable 4th ward, has returned to Ann Arbor to reraain perinanently. He isn't in love especially with the Hoosier country, and is in love with Ann Arbor. That's the stuff. - Courier. And that's 011e of the reasons the fourth ward delig'nts to keep him in the council chámber The Ann Arbor Business Men 's association have elected the following officers for the ensuing year: President, Sedgwick Dean; vicepresident, J. F. Schuh; recording secretary, Engene K. Frueauff; corresponding secretary, S. A. Moran; treasurer, Frederick Schmid; director for three years, Moses Seabolt. Smug mugging is again coming into fashion among our young men. Among the young business men who have had the hairy covering on their upper lips removed this weekarej. J. Goodyear, W, W. Wadhams, and W. W. Watts. If you meet them say something about it. It is expected. A number of others will soon follow suit. Mrs. James Nelson died in the Unity block Tuesday from a stroke Df paralysis, aged sixty-seven years, six months and seven days. She leaves a husband, two daughters and six grand children to mourn her loss. She had been an invalid fax the past five years, but died from a stroke of paralysis which sht suffered Sunday. The funeral services were held Thursday afternoon. On Sunday next, the Rev. Henry Tatlock has arran&ed to exchange with the Rev. Thos. W. MacLean, Bay City. Mr. MacLean will preach in the morning in St. Andrew's church and conduct the Advanced Bible class at noon in Harris hall. The noon confirmation lecture in the church will be given by Rev. E. M. Duff. The evening service will be choral without sermón. Tay. S. McGuire, train dispatcher at Owosso, son of Hugh McGuire, of North Main street, this city, was married in Owosso January 31 to Miss Bessie L. Carmody. The wedding occured in the Catholic church and was an imposing and impressive affair. Over 100 guests were present at the reception given after the wedding. Among those present from Ann Arbor were Misses Katie McGrail and Annie Riley. The Owosso Argus says: "Mr. and Mrs. McGuire hold a high position in Owosso society and are among the most popular young people in the city." The Argus is informed that one of Ann Arbor's fly young men went out the other evening to cali upon his charmer. He found her in her most bewitching mood and he became utterly oblivious to the passage of time. At last, she becoming fearful that she would never have the pleasure of another cali from him, bethought herself of a scheme to recall his mind to things temporal. Accordingly she asked him to kindly solve the following problem for her. With her most gracious smile she handed him a pencil and paper and requested him to make eleven ciphers in a straight row, and then to draw perpendicular lines from above uniting the fourth, seventh and eighth cipher on the right side, and then a similar line from below meeting the first, fifth and tenth cipher on the right side. He was quick to execute her behest and when his work stood out in completed form, there was a great calm fora moment and then he seized his hat and silently vanished into the night.