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Mr. Alex. Holton Alelen, Michigan. Splendsd Resuíts Disabled by Dyspepsia Cured by Hood's Sarsaparilía, "C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: "I have teken Hood's Sarsaparilla with splendid resuíts. I was tronbled with dyspepsia so bad that I could not work. I am 36 years of age and a carpenter and joiner by trade. I commenced a oourse of treatnient with one of our physiciaus, but in vain. Kinally I was persuaded to buy a bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla. I Took Just One Bottle and I have not lost a day's work since, on account of my oíd trouble of dyspepsia. It has also iniproved my general health and I f eel much _ QOGSpari' vlireS atronger. I gladly recoinmend Hood's Sarsaparilla as an excellent blood purifier." Alex. Holton, Alelen, Michigan. Hood's Pilis are the best family cathartic, gentle and effective. Try a box. 25 cents. Misíüsss 'Cmeml " The Masara Falls Roaie.'' TIMETABLE (Revlsed) FEBRUARY 'il, W.4UENTítAL, STANDARD TIMM. l : o, : x, ícSS ssSS j a ! s ss & ■;■ s í & I 9 3 : : : g S ; h Ti i Bi Sla13::! c ' ,' ■ 'r a ; o. ; S S T7 TTis i ga :" ' : : 3 2 - 1 1 i : - a H - ' ' ; ; o. ?J3--i i [18 i ;ss SS :5,3 : : :g m a i ; ; sa a i as : : ' ' i I a 11! ',0- 3100::; ;;;& ,-, ON ' ' 'OÍS ' . rt , I i-3 ■ 'O ' i 'iQ3 A ;o?í ; ,n:í ;o !oq- m i10 ; ; ; - 00 ■ j,m ; o ! z " ' ' i i i íí lo a SS : : : : L S :b, I S 2 : TT i a ! : ! ;an .01 s í ; : : or r-í ; ;o- - ■■-1 o ;ia ; ; o' Xsl si ' . ga s I I 1- :::;8=:i H ;:a:g:;:;j 1 iiiijlö ijiWiiJi ü.W. BUQGLB8, H. W HAYES, G. P. A T. Ageut, Chicago. Af't Ano A or. . TOLEDO n Ann arboK NORTH MICHIGAN) q RAILWAY. L-J - uJ .■„..rel dz Y #B AY C!TV 1 1 -T-S (jygo -"'jL ?' s ■u'm%Tc1 TIME TABI.E IN EFFECT NOVEMBER 5, 1893. Trains Leave Ann Arbor. NORTH. SOUTH. 7:15 a. m. 7:lñ a. in. 12:15p. m. 11:80 a. m. 4:15 p. m. I 9:00 p. re. Trains ruu between Ann Arbor and Toledo only. W. H. BBNNETT, R. S. GKKENWOOD, G. P. A., Toledo Ohio. Aseot. IMPORTANT TO ABVERTISERS. The cream of the country papera ífc fonnd in Bemington's County Seat Lists. Shiewd advertísera avail themselve8 of these lista, a copy of which can be had of Bemington Broa., of New York & Pittsburc. FOR FINE SOAPS And rich and laating Perfumes we are able to offer foryour inspectionan exceptionally large and elegant stook. Soaps made from common í'ate or rosin aro not fit for toilet purposea- be sure and by a pure soap at our drug store. Our perfumes we guarantee the best. MAIÍN BROS., Drnggists, 39 S. Main St. - ANN ARBOR


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