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lgnorance of thinRS gluerauy pcrvents us from enjoyin a dreadful lot oí happiness in this Ufe," said Aaron Linscott to the , minister one day, He was given to this j form of discourse with the clergyman, doubtless on the same principie that led him to talk sickness with his doctor and crops with his neighbors. "You git a ter'ble blind view of life an the wa.y tliings is ruunin if you don't edicate yourself up to knowin a blessin wheu yon see it. Wben I aee folks throwin their blessin's away, it allers makes me think of a barr'l of cranb'ries." A barrel of cranberries! If the visitor feit small interest beforè, he certaiuly lucked noue novv. He expressed his surprise. "Yis, a barr'l of cranb'ries." said Aaron. "Wheu I was out in the West Injies, there was a man tuk keer of rue wheu I was sick, an he wouldn't lake pay, but said I could send him sometbin off the farm, so when 1 got home I shipped him a barr'l of cranb'ries by a vessel that was goin out from our place. "Wel!, afrer a rime a letter kern back. He writ very perlite au seemed grateful, but he said, most unfort'nate, that the fruit looked jiutty, but he hed to throw it away, for in cumiu it hed turned sour." And tijen Aaron added his moral, "That's what I cali inissiu the sweetness of things 'cause you didil'C know how to get at it." - Youth's Compaiiion.


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