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Tilt In The Senate

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Washington, Feb. 22.- The tariff tjuestion carne up in quite an unexpected way in the senate Wednesday and for two hours it held the fioor to tbe exclusión of all other business. The matter was indirectly alluded to by Senator Voorhees, who aróse to a question of privilege to deny a newspaper statement indicating that the Democratie menibers of the finance committee were snbuiitting to the president's directions in matters i-elating to the tariff bilí. After this denial by Senator Voorhees Senator Chandler of New Hampshire precipitated the discussion of the day by an inquiry as to the part that Senator Mills is perforining in the considera tion of the bilí in committee and ■whether he is still acting as the proxy of Senator McPherson since the latter's return to the city. Senator Voorhees at first referred Senator Chandler to the record for his information, but when the New Hampshire senator insisted upon a direct answer, Senator Voorhees finalïy declared that it was no business of the senator how the finance committee condered the bill. This provoked an air of acrimony and for the next hour senatorial courtesy had no place in this dignified body. Many senators accused each other of unworthy acts, and Senator Vest flnally quoted f rom a record in an attempt to prove that Senator Chandler had promised to take care of certain officials in the southern states in 1876 if they would decide against the Deinocracy and in favor of Hayes for tke presidency. The controversy was finally brought to a close by Sena tor McPherson and Senator Mills both explaining their posiüons, tho former stating that Sen ator Mills, at his request, was still acting as a inembei' of the finance subcoinmictee, and the latter declaring that he was opposed to public hearings and did not believe in consulting the tariff beneficiarles in fraruing a law solely designed to check their rapacity and benefit the whole people.


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