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His Alibi

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It was out in the far west. John Connor luid just received a missive summoniug him before the loca) judicial luminary for assaultiüK one Pete Haynes. He was in a quandary, and beiiiii bo tboughfrhe would consult Mr. Tinvll. only lawyer the district could boast of. Fortuuately the man of law was at home, but uufortunately be bad to act in au important caseatatown some distaiice away oq the day when Mr. Connor wontd be arraitined. "Bufwhat, am 1 to do, sor?" John pleadingly asks. "Prove an alibi, man," Mr. Tirrell says gurtly. "An alley boy, so ■'" "Yes. Show that you wei e at someothei place when the assault took place." Af ter rackingbis brains, which (not being overburdened iu that respect) did not take very long, Jolm thinks he can manage it.. He has a mate in a distant settlement who, he says, will stand by biin. Tbe lawj-ei tells him that formaliiy is one of the essen tials to success, and having imparted te him instructions as to how he is to pro ceed, so as to appear most iiupressive at tbe hearing of the case, John takes his de parture, with a much ligbter heart. ♦ Tbe eventful day arrivés. The evidenci for the prosecution, which seemsabsolutelj conclusive, bas terminated, and all eyes art fixed on John. Slowly and solemnly ht rises, striving to combine an air of injured innocence witb that of dignifieduuconcern and in an impressive voice says: "Cali Ted Lane." A rough, uncouth figure, who was dream ily looking at the bald head of the dispens er of justice, rose from a seat next to JohD himself and took tbe oath. John, having managed to get proper hold of his voice commences: "Your name is" "Ted Lañe, sor." "You livo a good distance from here?" "About 50 miles, sor." "You understand the nature of the oatl. you've taken?" "I do, sor." "You have beard the ividence given of an assault on Pete Hay nes outside the White Hart?" "I've heard it, sor." "You have Jtnown me for a long time, and you can swear to me identity?" "Oh, that I can, sor." "You remember the day of the alliged occurrence?" "Yes, sor." "Kow, remember you are on your oath an state the whole truth au notbin but the trutb." "Yes, sor." "Wbere was I whin I struck PeteHavnes outside the White Hart?"


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