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Classified Ad: Pyramid Pile Cure

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WONDERFUL CURES MADE ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Eveiy Form of Piles Yield to It. In spite of the fact that the ■ mid Pile Cure is so well known as a i certain cure for every form of piles, ; there are still many people who think a surgical operation the only sure cure. Hundreds of thorough trials in the hands of physicians and patients have proven beyond a doubt, however, that surgical operations for piles are unnecessary, cruel, many times dangerous to Ufe, and a relie of barbarism. The Pyramid Pile Cure will cure any form of piles effectually and without a partiële of pain or inconvenience, at slight expense and no danger whatever, as it is perfectly harmless. The way it effects patients who use it may be inferred from the following" froni Mr. E. Crook, of Waterloo, Iowa: Gentleman - I have used the Pyramid Pile Cure, and it is out of sight, the best thing I ever tried. I think it has entirely cured me. I have told Mr. Knapp, our druggist here, about it and he has ordered some.' This remdey is a great thing for piles. From Mrs. C. G. Spillman, Huntsville, Ala. : Not long since you sent my husband some of your Pyramid Pile Cure and it did him so much good that I want to write you and teil you about it, as he suffered very much and nothing seemed to reach his case until he tried the Pyramid. From J. D. Roberts, ,Mt. Moriah, Mo.: I have used fhe Pyramid Pile Cure and results have been entirely satisfactory. There can be no question but that it is a certain and lasting cure for piles, at least it has so proven in my case. Miss Easter Nunley, of Tracy City, Tenn., writes: The Pyramid Pile Cure has done my sister more 2Dod than anything she has ever taken. I have nothing but words of warm commendation for it. The Pyramid Pile Cure has become recognized as the only standard piie cure strictly on its merits and what it has repeatedly done ih obstinate cases both in private practice of reputable physicians and in individual cases. It is so cheap as to be within the reach of all classes of people, and druggists everywhere state that it gives universal satisfaction, which can hardly be otherwise when it is remembered that it is composed of the best remedies known to the medical profession in treatmentof rectal diseases. It is prepared by the Pyramid Co., Albion, Mich., and for sale by all druggists.