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"he Wears Rubbers."

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During a recent discussion between a newspaper man and State Senator Owens of Brooklyn on the íuerits of a tliird person tbe said: "Wby, that ina;i is no good. He"s not evon decent. Tho fellow wears rubbers.'' The newspaper man was at a loss to understand the senator"s meanmg, bnt not wishing to appear behind in Uie slang of the day said nothing. The next day he approached a well known politician and asked him about it. , "Wliat does it rnean when you speak of a man as wearing rubbers?" he said. "My boy," said the politician, "that is the very latest slang expression. It simply means that a man is a sneak; tliat, figuratively speaking. he yon with muffled feet. If yon go into a:iy pólice museum in thecounlry. one of thfi things they'll show you is the rubber shoe that the sneak thief or the assassin uses. It is an ordinary tennis shoe, with a rubber solé and a canvas upper, and the only reason it is worn by crooks is because it gires them an opportunity te creep up behind their victini without being heard." Another new bit of slang is, "He doesn't cut any ice." It simply means that he or she, whichever sex is referred to, plays ño part. Both of these 1 sions are almost brand new, and th8 ñrst, at least, is likely to become much in vogue with people who like to piece


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