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A Chicago publisher is in St. Joseph making arrangements to publish tne poems of the late Ben Kiiig. Company D, Michigan national guarda of Jackson, has organized an athletic club and starts out with 56 rnembers. Central Lake is experiencing a building boom. This suinmer two new churches will be built and Intermedíate river is to have a bridge. The people will be asked to vote on a 10,000 schoolhouse. The Adventists of Battle Creek have decided to put 13 tent companies in the field this summer to do missionary work. Four will travel through Canada and the re mainder in the United States. There is a movement on foot in Calhoun county to hold a conference of Prohibitionists and Populists, with a view of pooling their issues in the coming uolitical cam paign. The meeting will be held in Battle Creek. The 'cycle club of Cheboygan have secured permission from the racing board and will hold a bie racing meeting on Decoration day. The track is in fine shape and some tine sport is anticipated if the weather is good. A number of Sandstone farmers took to Jackson an idiotie man whom they found in a marsh eighfc miles west of that city. It has been learned that he is an escaped inmute of the Calhoun county-house, and he was returned to Marshall. Sammy McClure, a schoolboy, was doing some work for himself at Temple, McClure & Compauy's planingmill at Tecumseh, when he accidentally broughthis lefthand in contact with a buzzsaw, taking off every finger of his hand, except the first one, just above the middle joint.


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