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Of our Photographic Tour of the World Containing SWEDEN, NORWAY, CANADA, MEXICO, ETC. TIÏE VXEVS This week include Milk Sellers, Midnight Sun, Stockholm, Viking Ship, Sacrificial Stone, Buil Fighter, Castle of Chapul' tepec Cathedral of Mexico, Tehuantepec Ship Railway, Cathedral of Lima, San Franciscan Cemetery, Houses of Parliament Ottawa, the Three Sisters, Thousand Islands,Tobbogan Slide, Montreal. ALL FOH O1VÍLY TEÑ CE1VÍTS. DON'T MISS ANY NUMBERS. No. 1.- ITALY. No. 2.- ITALY AND GKEECE. No. 3.- HAWAIIAN ISLANDS. No. 4.- PARIS. No. 5.- FRANCE, SPAIN, . SWITZERLAND AND DENMARK. No. 6.- GERMANY, AUSTRIA and BELGIÜM. No. 7. -PORTUGAL and ENGLAND, 8.- Ikeland, Scotland, Russia and Holland. Back Numbers can still be had. The complete series in 16 parts. 256 Superb Art Photographs worth One Dollar each. Arranged under the supervisión of the well-known iecturer and prince of travelers, H. H. RAGAN, with accurate, instructive and entertaining descriptions by Emma C. Bush. er THE WORLD'S STORE HOUSE HAS GIVEN UP ITS CHOICEST TREASURES FOR THIS COLLECTION. Nobody wil] be without this book. The most value, entertainment and benefit ever secured for little money. A bonanza for the buyer, A liberal education in World's history acquired while being entertained. A trip around the world in an hour. The striking wonders of the world in an hour, The striking wonders of the world perpetuated in every home. The delights of travel without its discomforts; its benefits without its expense. Secured for our readers at One-Tenth the cost in Book Form. DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE. READY THIS WEEK : Part X.- The Holj Land. Hqw to Secure dus ünpreeeieiiiel Ofc Cut out of the ARGrUS one of the Coupons that wil! appear each week and bring or send to the Argus Office with ten cents. If you bring it, the part named in the coupon will be handed you. If you mail it, the part will be mailed you. I No. 9. April 24-, 1894. j : - ■ ; nilT ArgUs Colipoi). j ! Photographic Tour of the [ ] Tl IC PART lx-"Sweden' Norway' etc' il O This Coupon and 1O cents j j ! tles you to one Part. Bring or j j i sendoto i ] flIlT Ai)Q Arbo Argü, " I Ann Albor Mioh. p ! Opera House Block. j


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