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There are 40 teachers in Montcalm county who are unable to secure schools. Nlles has a cricket team which starts out under very favorable auspices. During ;he seasoa it will play with South Bend, Notre Dame, Chicago, Ann Arbor and Battle Creek. Marlette citizens are in a dilemma. It either has to dispose of a few dozen school children or build a larger schoolhouse. As it is at present, children attending the third grades have to be dismissed at noon to make room for the fourth graders. The state game warden will immediately place a special omcerin Oakland county to look after the protection of flsh and to enforce the law, which has been ruthlessly violated. e will arrest any parties spearing fish anu confĂ­scate all parphernalia appertaining to the same found in their possession. Albert Bond of London has declared war on all dogs that run loose. The other nighi his flock of 60 sheep was attacked by a lot of curs and 40 were killed or badly mangled most of which were afterwards killed to end their misery. The carcasses were solc to a Dundee man for what their pelts were worth. E. Lezotte of Wyandot te, a section fore man on the Lake Shore road, has been having a run of hard luck. Recently one of his sons had his arm broken twice, then another son was taken down with typhoit fever and has been sick for four weeks On Monday Mr. Lezotte received news that a brother at Monroe. who has a large family to support, had an arm and a leg broken while handling telegraph poles in that city.


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