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Proceedings Of The Board Of Public Works

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rOFFICIAL.l Omen OF THE BOAKD OF PUBLIC WORKS I Aim Arbor, Mich., May, 16, 1894. f Regular Session. Called to order by Pres. Keech. Roll called. Present Messrs. Schub, Keech and Clark. Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved. President stated that the first order of business was to elect a president of the board for the ensuing year. On motion the board proceeded to the election of a president. First ballot: Thomas J. Keech i J. F. Schuh 2 Mr. Schuh declined the honor of acting as president. Second ballot: J. F. Schuh 1 T. J. Keech 2 Mr. Keech was declared elected president for the ensuing year. The Peterson walk on Liberty street, south side, between Fourth and Fifth avenues, was reported by Mr. Schuh as being very much out of repair, and that Mr. Peterson wished the city would build it. Referred to Mr. Schuh City Attorney and the Street Commisjioner. On motion the bids for the tion of the ends of the culvert on Fountain street were opened and inil. John Mahlke, $277.0(1; Koch Dros., $258.00. Mr. Schuil moved that the respective bida be transmitted to the Council. with recommeudation that the bid of Kocli Bros., for building extentions to culvert on Fountain street be accepted. Adopted as follows: Yeas- Messrs. Schuh, Keech and Clark. The Side walk Inspector reporttd that he had personally inspected the sidewalks which had not as vet been constructed: on Packard street and Fourth Ave., in front of the property of Jacob Wahl; on Thompson street, in front of the property of Joe Williams; on Ilill street, in front of tlie property of Wm. V. White, Wm. 13. Stickney, Prof. J. B. DavR D. F. Schairer, Andrew Ziegler, John F. Lawrence, Misses Susan E. and Bertha D. Ilill; on Summit street in front of the property of S. Meyers, Daniel Hiscock. Geo. E. Darrow and The National Home Insurance Co.: on W. Huron street, in front of the property of Carlton M. Ednaunds and N. B. Covert; on Thirteenth street, in front of the property of Mrs. Thomas J. Keating; on Miller avenue, in front of the property of Miss Clara A. Gott, Mrs. Christine Gerstner, John A. Preeman and the estáte of James Moloy, on Seventh street, in front of the property of John Mayer, Julius Weiuberg, Jacob Stadel, II. C. Markham, Andrew Ililler, August Hiller, Harvey Banister, John Braunmiller, John Schloupe, and F. A. Howlett. On motion the report was reeeived and ordered flled, and the Street Comtuissioner was ordered to take the necessary steps to build the walks. The City Eagineer submitted the following grades for sidewalks: On the east and west sides of 5tu street, froin Jefferson to Liberty streets on E. Catharine street, south side, from Iugalls to Thirteenth streets, on 4th avenue, west side, from Liberty to Packard streets. On motion of Mr. Keech the grades were approved and recommended to the council for adoption, excepting tha 5th street grades, which were referred to Aid. Martin and the engi neer. Mr. Schuh moved that the board recommend to the council that estimates be asked from engineers for drawing a map of the entire city which shall show all grades, monuments and i a!so show line of sewers, water and gas inains, on a scale of one-fourth ! inch to the rod, the same to beeom-j pietedin one year from the date of! contract, said engineer also to do all i necessary regular, work as shall be i quired of him by the Board. Adopted as follows: Yeas. - Messr3. Schuh, Keech and Clark. On motion th board adioiirnpri. Clerk.


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