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Scrofula Tumors

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Salt Rheum, Nervousness, Other Troubles Complication of Diseases Cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla. Mrs. Ben. Shetterly Buchanan, Mich. 'C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. : "DearSirs: From childhood I had been a reat sufferer from scrofula, having a tumor on my left breast and another in my stomach. I was also afflicted with salt rheum. We spent much money for medical attendance and remedies, but all to 110 avail. Three years ago I commeneed to run down. The trouble with my stomach would not allow me to eat and even milk distressed me very much. My right hand and arm became almost paralyzed, and my stomach difliculty was fast developing into Serious Female Troubles. I became very nervous an d was subject to fainting spells. Dark spots appeared before my eyes. The doctors failed to help me. In the spring I read about the wonderful cures by Hood's Sarsaparilla and decided to give it a trial. After taking it a short time I commeneed to feel better, my digestiĆ³n improved, and the Hood'sSa;Cures burning sensation in my stomach aud bowels ceased. Shortly I was able to work about the house, standing on my feet considerably, something I had not done for months before. For two summers I have done My Own Work Alone. I shall continue taking Hood's Sarsaparilla as it ! is my cheapest hired servant. I am a farmer's wife, our place embracing 120 acres. We think Hood's Vegetable Pilla cannot be beaten, and we have great faith in Hood's Sarsaparilla." Mrs. Benj. Shetterly, Buchanan, Michigan. H OOd 's Pilis cure all Liver Hls, ISiliousness, Jaundiee, IndigestiĆ³n, Sick Headaohe. 25e.


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