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The eighth animal reunión of the Seventh Michigan infantry will be held at Leslie June 12. The Michigan Pioneer and Historica] society will hold its annual meeting at Lansing June 6 and 7. The annual reunión of the soldiers and sailors of Barry county will be held at Hastings Aug. 15, 1B and 17. Professor A. D. De Wítt, principal of the Portland schools, lias resigned to accept a position with a better salary attached. Tbe board of health i Flint have ■ resolutions agreeing to vaccinate free of charge all persons who present themselves. "Lady" Baldwin, who pitched ïor the famous Detroit base ball team in 18 1s is now living quietly on a farm neai Hastinge. The trial of James W. Smïth on a charge. of assaulting Ate Goutberg in the latter's store last November i.s in p i Musi. John Letters of BlissBeld had his cheek ly torn by the born of a steer, which he was about to ki being torn fro.n one corner back to nea?; : the ear and upwards toward the eyi cheek hanging down over the lower jaw. John Lennan, u boy of 18 years, of Blissfield, while catching a train, was strück by a cattle chute and thrown ander tbe wheels. His arm was broken and1 tained severe scalp woimds. The arm was amputated at the shoulder, and his chances for recovery are fair. Plint City, with a population of 10,000, had nearly 35 more births tlian deaths during the year ending Dec. 31, 1893, according to the returns made to the county clerk by the supervisor from each ward In the second, the most populous ward of the city, there were 50 births and 51 deaths.


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