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The old jail at Hástings is to be replacud by a new briek residence. Doyletownship, upin Schoolcraft Couaty hail three saloons last year, this year it will only have one. Hard times. Scarcityof straw ;s keeping the Allegan Paper Co. l'rom resuming pperations. It is probable now that tüey wii'l not start up unti! after barvest. John Loud is a farmer and bear hunter up in Isabella conntv. His latest exploit is to capture au old bear ar.d two cubs in the woods just north of Iris farm. The Antrim Iron company of Mancelona will shut down the last of this month for 90 days. The company say.s that all of those who remain nntil they start up can have the rent of their houses Cree. Belding's common council c-alled for bids for the position of city physician and health otïicer, The physicians of that place have met and have resolved that they will not auction off their services for any consideration. South Haven is all torn up over errors that have been discovered in the survey of some streets. Those in possession of the old lines have hired lawyers and will fight the thing to the end and the village council is besieged with petitions and counter petitions. A freak of nature is now on exhibition in a Marlette store. It is two little pigs grown together. It has two complete bodies back of the shoulders where it is joined in on the neck and head. The front feet and legs are complete and the union of the bodies takes place right between them. The head is perfect with the exception of the mouth, which is open and buiging with tongues.


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