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Red Men Of Guiana

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There are still "red men" inGuiana, according to Mr. Sinith Delaccrar's report - descendants of the inhabitants at the time of its discovery. They are apparentiy of three or inoro separate origina. The oldest inhabitants are believed to be the Warr; uis, who lead a, seniiarnphibious life, witaout agriculture and rather as lish : ! tlian as huntors. Where these peopj came froin is not known. Of more ceroain origin are the second set, the Aïnwacks, who were driveu southward trom the West Indiaii islands. At'ter them came a whole series of Cario tribes, who were also forced southward from the West Indies. Just jefore the advent of the Europeans the last of the Carib tribes made its appearance, and its people were known as the "True Caribs. " In life and surroundings there is no jreat difference between any of the existing tribes. They live in small family groups, the mutual relations of the membes being admirably regulated by a very decided though unwritten code. They pass perfectly simple lives, the liappiness of which seems to be enhanced by the inevitable collisious with other tribes. A snfficiency of food is procured by hunting and fishing and a primitivo kind of agriculture. Their houses, adds Mr. Smith Delacour, are of the simplest, but exactly what is required, and the furniture is usually a hamniock. Clothino' ia "a nnesrtdon for the future." -


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