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Civil War Again

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The Argus bas completed arrangementa to offer ï-ts readers something really worthy to be ealled the CMÍA1SÍCE OF A LÍFE TlME. To offer tbem someibing of well-knowh thoroujsrhly eetablishetl and extraordinary alue, at such a ridicuously small sUra that it seems almost impossible. Containing Over One Thousand of the Illustrations That appeared in Harper's Weekly During tlie War. (A file of Jlifj'jn ■■■' ,v WeeJdy during the war is wym worth 832 immense folio pages 16 x 11-J inches. Equal to 3000 pages of nstitil royal octavo size. The COMPLETE, UNABRIDGED, ORIGINAL, AUTHEJSTIC WORK, wliioh has alwaya sold from 16.00 to L30.00. Issued in DOUBLÉ NUMBERS of 3á maminoth pages, at the same price of smaller works of only V pages. Thns we offer more illustrations and the unabridged text of the best history extant, the two in one, for only 10 cents each doublé number. Why Harper's Pictorial History of the War s "the best History of the War." Because it is the only COMPLETE general history of the war and of the causes leading to it. A lucid, dispassionate story of men and events as they were. A narrative of factfl written in the very spirit of truth for the very truth's sake. To the best written historv is added a collectiun f Oontemporaneous Illustrations which neither is nor can be equalled elsewhere. Pictnres of men and places, of battle by sea and land, sieges, eamps, fortresses, and everything connected with the civil and military life at the time. In a word it contains all the most valnable and intereetingillustrations from "Harpeb's Webklt" Üuring and Pkeceding the Wak. This feature makes this history of incomparable valué, as it contains over 1000 of these famous war pictnres. EDITORIAL lVE.2STO-E3íIiTT. lts editors were Mr. Richard Grant White, who wrote the introductory ehapters, Dr. Alfred H. Gnernsey and Mr. Henry M. Alden. Among the contributors were President Gartteld, General Joseph E. Johnston, General George H. Thomas, General Gouverneur K. Warren, and other prominent officers, both national and confedérate. With all the material accunnilated in their hands, the authors spent five years in writing the work. All the national and confedérate official documenta were at their disposal, and were most freely used. Quite a number of these official documente are given in fnll. .BTISTS. A Regiment of artists teil the story faithfully and with surprising clearness. Among them are to be found such distinguished names as Edwin Forbes, Thomas Nast, Sol. Eytinge. Theodore R. Davis, A. R. Ward, Granville Perkins, N. Jewett and other of the Harper Artists who have achieved a national reputation. The Size of the Pages and jf nO."i. june 12, 1894. i Illustrations. " The pages are same size as HarH 8 1 T ArgUS j per"s Weekly and among the illnsUU I i? " I trations are" over 300 Portraits of Harper's Pictoria! History of the i j Distingnished Soldiers and StatesCÍVÍI War. men, mostly f rom pliotographs taken ■■ 1 1 é% "N 26 PARTS-) during the war; Nearly 100 Maps, H I i Plans and Sketches of Battlefields, I 1 1 1 V PART J. nearly 600 Authentic Sketches of j This Coupon and 1O cents 1 1 Places of Note and Events of In[ j tle y to one Brin= ür j j terest, snch as Sieges, Battles, #%IT Charges, Hospitals, Military PrisAijq Arlbor Argüs, 1 ons, Camp Life, Vessels of War, " w I : ! Naval Eneagements, Reviews, Reï Ann Arbor, Mich. te 6 ' : Opera Bome Ulock. j ceptions, Etc. &mmmmmnm'iumimmiim%mm a


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