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Spring Jackets And Capes

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MhrM I3.oo ron iloo In our Cloak Department we make it a rule never to carry any goods beyond the season for which they were purchased.- Strict adherence to the policy involves large sacrifices at the close of the season- but never so great as now. We have still a big stock of Jackets and Capes left- most of them expensive beautiful garments which proved too high to sell in a regular way. They will all go now at a price. iiit in "il É 4NMI mÊËiiï 'l'ï' 1B(Ï Hr' 7 tí 'm $3.00 FOR ' $1.00 DID YOU EVER GET $3.00 FOR $1.00? Did you ever know High-Cletss Seasonable Goods,- -Garments without a spot or blemish,- stylish Garieis that are exactly what you want,- Sold at 33 1-3 cents on a dollar.- Thabs whai We are goii)g fco do ! # Sell all our Golored Capes and Jackets 1-3 oí the the Origiijai SeDing Frice. $3.00 Golored Jackets and Capes go for $1 00. 4.50 Colored Jackets and Capes go for 1.50. 6.00 Colored Jackets and Capes go for 2.00. 7.50 Colored Jackets and Capes go for 2.50. 9.00 Colored Jackets and Capes go for 3.00. 12.00 Colored Jackets and Capes go for 4.00. 15.00 Colored Jackets and Capes go for 5.00. THINK OF IT Sa.QQ FQR S1QQ ALL OUR Black Jackets and Capes 1=2 of the Original Selling Price. $3.00 Black Capes and Jackets $1.50 4.00 Black Capes and Jackets 2.00 4.50 Black Capes and Jackets 2.25 ö.öö Black Capes and Jackets 2.82 6.00 Black Capes and Jackets 3.00 7.00 Black Capes and Jackets 4.00 p $ 8.oo Black Capes and Jackets, $ oo ïo.oo Black Capes and Jackets, 5.00 15.00 Black Capes and Jackets, 7.50 l 20.00 Black Capes and Jackets, 10.00 { Ladies' Mackintoslies. Headquarters for everything new and novel in jajïjk JÜfe the way of Mackintoshes. Every Garment ïl ,JÈ Hf - ranted to give satisfactory wear. M Sr 5OMETIÍÍNG NEW ! JK THE OXFORD-Full triple Military Cape, ..riMS iP Cape with or without sleeves is a very popular , lY Íi 'l 1mÉ Sk garment, $4.50, $6.75, $9.00, $10.00. Ug' ' ] NVwpimö Cravenette Newmarkets--areespecially H Bil' '$ i 1 adapted ibr traveling, being sliower proof of fine m, aSli i : texture and dressy prices, $10 to $20. Jyf SwfcBPÏ H SPECIAL - 25 Lapies' full Military Cape Ë BliilPfi Newmarket Mackintoshes, grey and tan, valué 5 J m'iiiliiii'iiii':! ■ t m m ÉÊÊS cm f) $3.OO FOR $1.00


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