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Tlir hooi board had an tnteresttag meeting test evening, as it iixed tu, salaries ïor nest year. There were no ratees made except to the newer ward school teachers who are advaaiced $25 each, according to custom. But the list wil require $200 eee ttoaai last year, unl lfl as follows: Prof. Perry, Supt Ï2.501 J. G. Pattengill J3U0 H.N. Chute - -iW L D. Wines IiOOfl Alin Porter 750 Mar E. Hunt 'oO Mary E. Dickey w Mrs. Sunderland ') L. P. Jocely n - '-W i'atlieiine Sumner 550 G. Dufl'ey (pro rala) 5U0 Gertrude Breed 600 Grace Taylor '00 Sarah Wheedon 850 Mrs. Trueblood (pro rata) - 200 J. Montgomery l.ioo D. W. Springer - 1,'AK) Librarian 300 Minnie Pepple 500 Lut-y Cole 500 F. A. Osborn (pro rata) &"M GRAMMAR DEPARTMENT. Eliza Ladd 500 Anna I). Robison 475 Abbie E. Pond 475 FIRST WARD. Mis. Clara G. Plympton 586 Emily G. Eldridge 40 Ruth Durheim 8 W. L. Bender ... 400 Maggie McDivit uk Ida W. Lewis ST! Jennie M. Seelye 875 Carrie A. Wheeler SÍS SECOND WARD. Emily Gundert 450 Elizabeth J. Cowan 400 Augusta Walters - 400 Melinda K. Mogk 4(H Emily R. Marshke 375 Bertha Feiner 350 THIRD WARD. Mrs. Bell K. Edson 47 Emma C. Lutz 40 Carrie P. Krause 86 Luretta P. Saunders 32 Beckwith 300 FOURTH WARD. Annet Ailes 500 Julia A. Howard 400 Gertrude F. Hamilton S75 Eugenie Mogk 400 Minnie A. Drake - 400 Charlotte L. Millard 40U FIFTH WARD. Matie E. Goodale 450 Annie Clinton 375 Jennette S. West 350 SIXTH WARD. Matie Cornwell 475 !rs. Lu Downs 400 Ella S. Wright 40) liss Purfield 350 This will take .$32,500 for 56 toadiev.-, an average of $580. Changes are as fQUcwB : Miss Dickey wilio has been on a year's absence wíül return to teach German in the High School, öliss Sumner takes Mr Egaji's posición and Miss Genevieve Duffy lia Miss Penny's. Miss Gundert becomes principal of the 2d ward school. Miss Nellie Loving was granted a year's leave of absence as librarian. A new teacher wil be added in the 3d ward, owing to it--. crowded rooms, and Miss Be':k will have charge of it. Misse Jeanaiette Sraith and Maude Hess were elected as cadets. The graduating tlass will number 86 tais year, la the following copxaee : daesical, 14 ; Latin, 14 ; English, J2 ; Scientifie, ÍS ; Engineering, 15 Commercial, 3. The graduating class was given the use oí the hall íor a reception nex "Wednesday evening, and $25 was voted lor musió for commencement. Prol Leutwein was allowed the u3e of a room in the let ward school for six weeks in the summer for his German classes. The question of teaching German in the ward schools next year was not decided upon, as some changes must be made if it is continued. Drawing and muie wül be offered in the High School next year.