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We Are A City Of 11,153

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Ann Arbor is no Babyion, yet she sits, a queen, is no widow, has plenty of admirers and knows no sorrow. She may not be exactly young in the strict sense, but she is still growing and the growth is healthy. It is not the flabby growth of green childhood, nor the diseased growth of dropsy - just a natural, healthy,happy,rosy-cheeked growth. The census just finished shows the population of Ann Arbor to be 11,159, an increase of 1,722 since the census of 1890. It has been a pleasant fancy of many citizens that the returns would show not less than i2, 000, but in strict regard for truth, it was necessary to murder 841 people in cold blood, and this was done. The undertakers, however, never made a cent out of it. The dead buried their dead - an idea of reciprocity as old as Scripture, though James G. Blaine claimed the priority of discovery. The 12,000 mark, however, would have been fully attained but for the failure of the First and Fifth wards to better their rec.ords. The population by wards is as follows: First, 2,515; Second, 2,129; Third, 1,929; Fourth, 1,905; Fifth, 737; Sixth, 1,938. The same wards in 1890 inventoried thus: First, 2,462; Second, 1 ,676; Third, 1,503; Fourth, 1,619; Fifth, 719; Sixth, 1,452. Michigan has a few larger cities than Ann Arbor, but none prettier, nor can a prettier be found except by those who in this world shall have so lived as to entitle thera to a residence in the mid-air city "not made with hands," with its golden streets and almost total absence of Chicago, Adrián and Ypsilanti population.


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