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Dr. A. W. Sraith, of Adrián, on his way f rom Lansing to Adrián, was a caller at the Argus office, Saturday, and passively submitted to a search for the discovery of his congressional boom. It was not in his pockets, but may have been packed in his grip at the Cook house. Dr. Smith's name has been freely used in Monroe and Lenawee counties as that of an available republican candidate. He announces that he is not in the field and the Argus takes him at his The doctor was formerly secretary of the republican state central committee, has been four years Register of JDeeds of Lenawee county and is now a member of the Republican State Central Committee. But he is not a candidate for congress and asserts that the use of his name in that conp.ect'on is pure atmospheric pressure. The doctoras a gentlemen of elegant presence and ministerial bearing and is often mistaken for a clergyman. A good story was related of him some time ago by the Chicago News. Being in Chicago one day the doctor stepped into a hat store to make a chase and having selected a shining galgatha, asked the price. "Seven dollars," answered the clerk. The doctor placed his hand on the clerk's shoulder and observed solemnly, "My friend, that's a little high." "You are aclergyman, are you not?" asked the clerk. The doctor nodded ministerially. " Then I can let you have it for six dollars." The doctor hesitated. "It is rather shiny for my plain people." -'O, no; just the thing," chirped the clerk. "Well," resumed the doctor, as he "tawed" over the cash, 'Til take it, and if my congregation don't like it they can go to


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