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A meeting of the sanitary slushway committee was held Friday evening, to consider the engineer's report on the lateral sewer system and hear what citizens might have to offer pertaining to the great side section of the Ann Arbor dishwater outlet. The chief interest of the meeting centered around the labor question. The committee thought there ought to be a clause in the contract excluding from the work, laborers not residents of Ann Arbor. It was proposed by Aid. Manly that the pay for common labor should be not less than 15 cents per hour, but this was not insisted on when it was shown that many laborers who could not earn so much would be glad to work for what they were worth. The general feeling was opposed to the introduction of any of the Coxey gentry, and in favor of the "home market" for muscle. This is right and the contract should include a provisiĆ³n in accordance with the idea. A little more protection on labor and a little less on laborer's every day necessities, is something this country needs as bad as the Sahara needs rain.


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