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Nervous, Despondent, Diseased Men!

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Emlsaions, Varlcocele, Seminal Weakness, Seif-Abuse. Syphllls, Gleet, Strlcture-, Unnatural Discharges, Loss of Vital Fluid In Urine. Impotency. Sexual and Mental Weakness. Kldnay and Bladder Dlseases Posltlvely CURED OH NO PAY! 16 YEARS IN DETROIT. 2OO.OOO CURED. ... _ ., ... -, Syphllis Cured. "This terrible blood di. IKO Father. IKe SOn. YoungorMiddleAgedMan - Yon hare led a eaBe was in my system for eight 7eari. Had ' gaylifeorindulgedinthevicesof earlyyouth. taken mercury for two years, but the diseasa You feel the symptome stealing over you. Self returned. Eyes red, pimples and blotchea on % abuse, or later excesses have brollen down your the skin, ulcera in the inouth and on tongue, i r system. Mcntally, pkysically and sexually you bonp pains, í ;il!irji: out of hair, weakneBH, etc. jél ■ A are not the man yon used to be or should be. My brother, who liad been cured of Gleet and fj a y i Lnetfnl practices reap rich harvests. Think Stricurr by Dn. Kennedy and Kergan, reoomV m Ti ((Wi' of the future. Will you heed the danger signáis! mendedthem. ïhey cnred me in a few weeks J"ÍDlJq f 14 Ar you nervous and weak; despondent and and 1 tuank God 1 consulted them. Ho ret''i!fW!l WCïii gloomy; Bpecks before eyee; back weak and turn of the diseasn in six years." J f Y'l T"-. kidneye irritable; palpitation of heart;dreamp W'. P. M., Jackeon, Mich. ' f _-TT and loases at night; sediment in urine; A Minister Speaks. The Kev. W. E. Bparks, 'I t-ÍS enedmanhood; pimples on face; eyes ennken of üetroit, says: "Iknowof nodieeaBeso in( I flVC and cheeks hoUow; poor memory; carewurn jurions to the mind, body and soul of yoang J ijH K expression; Vancocele; tired m morning: men ae that of Helf Abnee. X have sent many JV inHef:hBtmetf,al; f mÏÏ'iÏS'! vi,-,„„s of thislustfnllmbitto Drs. Kennedy L-V A s-7lV and ambition. Our New Method Treatment 4 KeTgan for treatment. I can heartily enJV-V'. '■lV?-T5'r- TsJr1 N will positively core you. lt will make a man dorsetheir New Mtlhad IWodneiU wUoh onrad T t . LLS?Lv Y7 m ert' V7r of you and life will open anew. We gvnraniet whPn ill pis ■ fiilori " L ■ííl''ySl-Hlll ífiT tocureym. ar refundan mmey paid. m-Ho ," . d L YWhJÏ!"" JïHil ftTWf.' namesused without written consent. $1,000 . A Doctor Recommcnds lt._ 'I know nothing f =Mü. Ú B Vil paid lor any case we take and cannot cure! m medical science so efficiënt for the cun of V [êA jSSy-W J il cvATY-HPn t-DfiM thp HDivPi Tmiiriient oí Dra. ivnnedy i Kergan. Many A MÍi3r--iaWr VOsrfK SNATCHED FROM THE ORAVE I wi.i-1, h .,1 baftied scores of physicians Eli A" ö- - . Jl tJ!'. I A Warning From the Living. were cured in a few weeks. 1 have Been this ïV r(IV-Jl li=" " L%? 'l Emissions Cured. "At IS I learned a bad with my own eyes awi know it tobe a fact." Si SS rt V hauit. Had losses for seven yeare. Tried T. E. ALL18ON. M. D. . ""SJp f j&S I ■ OQr doctors and nerve tonics by the score. Reader- Have yon been gnilty? Has your I -I H ' {(K Sïï witho;it benefit. 1 became a nervouB wreek. 5(0'' been diseasd? Are you weak? Do you I 3 -& II " II M. i?Vl 0,-1 A friend who had been cnred by Drs. Kennedy desi a to be a vían? Aro ou contemplatin I Jf ƒ W y Jf 1 JT A A Kergan of a similar disea?e, advised meto mar i; e? Our Aew ?!thod will I (g" f li " 'ry them. I did so, and in two months was poeitively cure you. l'ures Guaranteed or No II fe ) Jj Ml - II positively cured. This waB eight years ago. Pay ! Consultation Free! gècy y --j U I am now married and have two healthy No matter who lias treated you, write for an I i I JffiBf ( children.11 C. W. LEWIS, Saginaw. Mich, hone.t opinión íree of charge. Charges JL. fJ' L&JiP Varicocele Cured. "Varicocele.theresultof oriable. Books Free-"The Golden Monitor" gP_5?r Jgzinc-' earty Vlce ma(je ife mieerable. I was weak Öllustrated), oa Distases of Men. Endose I and nervous, eyeB snnken, bashful in society, POBtatte, 2 cents, bealed. bïfobk tbiatmint. haïr thin, dreams and losses at night, no CS"No ñames used without written consent. I "Te, I have jnst read the "Golden Monitor," bition. The "Golden Monitor" opened my Private. No medicine sent C. 0. D. No ñames I edited by Drs. Kennedy t Kergan, and knowing nyes. The New Method Treatment of Drs. on boxes or envelopes. Everything f I their high repntation l shall consult them at th Kennedy 4 Kergan cured me in a few weeks." tial. Question list for home treatment an I last reiort."- A Viclim. I. L. PETEKSON, Ionia, Mich. cost of treatment, Free. DRS. KENNEDY & KERGAN, 148 5HELBY STREET, DETROIT, MICH. ü


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