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Joss Is To Have A New Temple

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' 'The Chinese citizens of Chicago will soou have the most magnificent josshouse in America," said Sam Moy to a reporter. "The en tire í'uruishings for the place are uow being designed and made in China, and we expect to open the house in about three months. Our people are habitually very qniet and not given to display or parade, but the dedication of the new josshonse will be attended with Chinese ceremonies and a parade far more elabórate than has ever been seen in Chicago and probably in the United States. "The place will not be usedas a josshouse alone, but also as the lodge or headquarters of the Chinese Freemaeons of this city. There are many of these here, and the society is huudreds of years old in China. In addition to this it will serve as a place for the temporary entertainment of the people of our nation who make a few days' stop in the city. They will be housed and taken care of there. ' ' Hip Lung, probably the wealthiest Celestial in Chicago and a relative of Sam Moy, explained that every piece of furnishings for the josshouse is being designed and made in China, and that the furniture will cost not less than $2, - 000. It will be made of ebony and other rare and costly oriental woods and will be elaborately carved and heavily decorated with gold. The entire cost of the house will not be less than $7,000 or $8,000, and there will be nothing like it in America. It will have two large jossrooms, with the finest Chinese hangings, decorations and fnrnishings. Then there will be a large general parlor or reception room for entertaining the general guests and two private parlors for special use. The location of the josshouse is not yet known. -


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