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EEPOET OF TEE CONDITION OF THE FARMERS' !i MW MÏR - AT- AJS3S AKKOR, MICHIGAN, Ai tbe clo oí uusines, July ].', 1893. RESUUKCES. Loans and d-.scouuts S2CT.C23 2 Stocks. BündB aml Uingages, tic. 87,715 07 Overdrafte 3,539 76 Doe froni banko in rarve citiw6 17,362 84 Due from other banks and bankers 2.0B9 50 Fuefrom Waslittiuiw Co 1,315 14 Furniture and üxtures 2,000 00 Current expenséis and laxes paid 25 60 Interest paiil 38738 Check and cast items 3,640 2T Nickels nnd pennies 21948 3old ooin 10,35000 Silver ooin 1,983 20 U.S. and National Bank Notts 13,568 00 Total $411,099 62 LIABILITIES. Capital etock paid in $ f 0.000 00 Surplusfund 20,000 eO Cndivided proflts 5,76608 Dividends unpaid 1S5 50 Individual deposite 99,979 Oï Certificatee of dnposjt 152,9+8 5 Savings deposita 82.2003S Total $411,099 52 STATE OF MICHIGAN, j Counly of WaBhtenaw. (BBé I, Frederick H. Belser, CaBhiei of tbe above aameiï bank, do solemnly ewear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge nd belief. F. H. BEL8ER, Oashier, COBKECT- Attest . A.MBHOPE KeaRNEY, " W.F. Breakev, -Directnrs. Edward Düffï, I Subscribtd and swom to before methis 19tb day of July, 1S93. H. A. Williams, Notarv Public. It is Human 'nature to want somettung Jor notlung, SILVERWARE ffiïi Af AY FREE - AT- W. F. Iiodholz Grocery Store, 4 and 6 Broadway, This is the ivay it is done: Witb every Cash Sale, whether it be ten cents or fifty dollars we give you a coupon showing tbe amount purchased, and when you hav bought groceries or any goods in our line to the amount of Forty Dollars, Forty-five Dollars or Fifty Dollars YOU CAN HAYE YOUR CHÖlCEof theTWF.KTY BEAUTIFUL PIECES OF SILVERWARE. such as Sugar Bowls, Spoon Ho!der,Cream, Fruit. Caster, Berry, Pickle, Butler Dishes, etc. CALL AND EXAMINE. Èemember Everything in the GEOCJERY LI NU Sold Ckeapjor Cash. W. F. LODHOLZ 4 and 6 Broadway ARE YOU POSTED ON THE . „ Standard dictionart FUNK Sl WAGNALLS CO., NEW YORK. _IT COST NEARLY ONE fesl W 1 MILLION f l DOLLARS. 7 ■ Crandest -v : Literary %f=il Lj Achlevement gh, J of the Age. It is made on New Flans by the best Talent. lts Editora number 247. In preparation 4 years. Has a wonderful Vocabulary cf nearly 300,000 WORDS AND PHRASES. More than Twlco the Words found in any other 1 Vol. Dictionary, and about 75,000 more words than Any Other Dictionary of the Lani?uaf?e. Particulars sent f ree to any address. Address. PRICE $12 Í0 $ZZ S. THE FULLER BOOK CO., ü&u'&l; 'mich. Or apply to our Local Agent. FOR FINE SOAPS And rich and 1'eriuines we are able to offer loryour inspection an exceptloually larj?e and elegant stock. Soaps made trom common fats or rosin are not . fit for toilet pnrposes- be sure and by a pure soap at our druji store. Our perfumes we guarantee the be6t. MAOT BROS., Druggists, 39 Main St. - ANN ARBOR jtfgËpO NOT WORRY uÊm 3yi Periods are Painful dW ralyMfeor Monthlies have Stopped HELPiSIQUICK jP orXoPay. ParticuUirs Free. PECIFIC SUPPLYCO.'10,1" nlllTinil Pregnant women must not use. CAU I IUN It will surely bring on the flow.


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