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Hunted To Earth

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Chicago, Aug. 27. - Two desperadoes, Will Lake aad H. P. Gorman, who sbot and kiiled Detective Owens, of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul road, at Deerield Saturday night.and a few hours latei shot and probably mortally wouuded I cer McGrath at Mayfair, were 6urrouuded andcaptured by tbe pólice nearOak Grove ' woods, near Desplaines river. The capture was only effected after six hours' chast and the exchange of fully 1(0 shots. The j desperadoes fought off the bluecoats and ' execited civiliaa participators in tht I mau-huut uutil their animunition wat I exuausted, and then sought safety ic íliglit. Uiillt-ts f rom theofficers' revolvers broxight both men to earth, and when the pólice reached theai they were weak from loss of blood. Judge Lynch 1 I.ike the Poor. As soon as the wounded men were taker , in charge by the officers a new dangei aróse. Iufuriated citizens deruanded thal - the woundtd men beimmediately depriveií ] of their Uves. The offieers were forced te draw their revolvers to protect the verj mea into whom a few moments before they had poured lead. The crowd made des-perate tfforts to get the bandits froír the pólice, but each time were repulsec without bloodshed, and the prisoners landed saftly iu West Chicago avenue sta tion. Gorman made a statement to the effect that he had been out of work foi nearly two months, and Friday wasofïered a job as teamster ou a farm near the point of the hold-up. He and Lake boarded a freight train, to go there, and en routf I heard the traiuiueu or somebody ordei sonie men off who were stealina a ride. Bandlt Accuitut of the Holdup. He and Lake then went to tbe rear oi i the train aud took the car next to the caboose, where tljey were discovered by s man in eitizeus' clothes who swore at them and told them to jump off while the train was running tweuty-five miles an hour. They refused, and he shot at them. They both' returned tlie fire and the man j iell back. This is very different from the I report of the trammen, which is tbat the two men invaded the caboose with pistols drawn and held up the trainmen thej found there, shooting Deteciive Owen and kilüng him, aud robbing hl s body and thf conductor. How They Shot OfHcer McGratH. Goruian's confession continúes: "Aftei the shooting we got off aud started to walk toward the Northwestern road to s station twenty-two miles from Chicago. We arrived there at 10 p. m. Vve inquireel of a railroad man when another train would go into the city. He told us there was only a beer train, which did not always stop. We walked to North E vanston where we got a freight train to Mayiield. We were in a góndola car on the main line. When we reached Mayfield 1 heard some one who was standing on the platform of the station say: "There are the now!" I then saw a man in uniform whom I supposed was a Northwestern policeman witu a gun in bis hand. He was trying togetin the car I was in and I fired one shot at him. He started to run and I fired three more." Captured a Farmer Wagon. The balance of the confessiou does not differ from the facts as told by others. After the shooting of McGrath the whole country was up and a man hunt began, which was participated in by a large force of Chicago policemen armed with rifles, the ëuburban officials, and by a big reinforcement of farmers armed with whatever in the way of firearms they had. The firstthiug the bandlts did was to "requisition" a farmer's team andgetaway in that until the team broke down.


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