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Lightning Too Speedy For Them

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Bul the oelegraph was carrying tbc news to all points and from every side the avengers carne, driven from the woods, the raeu got into a coruüeld and here made their last stand. A battle followed, iu whch the bullets cut the corn leaves like hail. The robbers were prompt iu returning ure, but in the interchange neither the oflicers nor the men were wounded. In a lew inoments the revolvers of the robbers were emptied. They made a futile eft'ort to reload them, but gust at that time both of them got a dose of lead aud then they threw up their hands and aurrenderd. The desperadoes were nearly captured by the Attrïll street station oflicers about au hour before the final stand was made. After abanuoning Farmer Eggersteu's wagon the robbers rau througb a big cornfield aüd came out on the Higgins road. They entered a farrnhouse and ut tlie points of their revolvers demanded breakfasb The frigbtened housewife made liaste to set before the two bandlts the best sha had in the house. While the men were stili seated in the kitchen two patrol wagons fllled wiDh police oflicers from Irving Park and Mayfair dashed up. The baudits escaped by a rear door. The pólice were scarcely prepared to see their prey rushing away from the farmhouse into the woods, and before they could bring their iirearms into play the men were safely out of sight. Not long afterward they got into the bit of woods knovvu as Orchard Grove, but were driven out of there iuto the cornfield iu wuich they were captured, and this ended au excitiug day fo. the pólice of Chicago and viciuity. Gorman says he is a married man and his home is in San Francisco. The watch aud chuin taken from Detective Owen after he had been killed were found in the possessioa of Lake. The latter said he was a striking switchmanand had been out of work siuce the strike commenced. He said he was hungry and out of money and that he alone was responsible for the acts of himself and Gorman.


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