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That Letter To Mrs. Likens

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Denver, Ang. SO. -The talk here following the arrest of Governor Waite for violating the privacy oí the mail ig that It is all a matter oí politics. Populista who oppose Waite's renomination say the arrest was made at the instance of Republicana, who waut the Populists to nomínate Waite as the easiest man to beat. Waite wants reuomination, believing that he can make a better race than any otber Populist, His arrest, say the antiWaite men, waa brought about on a trumped-up charge so as to secure j pathy for him in the Populist convention. ! Waite, on the other hand, holds that the charge is made to injure him. Mrs. j ens, the pólice matron whose letter was ! opened, is a Rüpublican. The letter is stated by some to be a manly, ! forward letter f rom a man who wants a wifeand asked Mrs. Likens to reommend to him agood woman; others say the letter ' was a bid for a mistress, and put Mrs. Likens in the positiou of a procures-s. Her pface has been wanted by the powers that be for a long time, and the letter was made to do duty -.0 ,-i charge against her, without app.uvnlly thinking that its use that way ''ave a'.vay" the violatiou of the postal laws. As soon as Mrs. Likens knew tue letter , was in existence she demanded it and I lice Oommissioner Mullins promptly gave I itto her. Iu denying the charge against him Governor Waite said some letter had been read in his presence purporting to be a request of a Pueblo mau tor a mistress, but he denied ever having had the letter or of having used it as a reason for the discharge of Mrs. Likens. District Attorney Rhode said he held the positive statement of Chief of Pólice Armstroug that the letter had come from the governor. The letter was opeued by Matrou Dwyer. The governor appears to be enjoying the excitement which his adventure has cansed ttmon his sympathizirs. He admitted hiiviug seeu the letter from Jesse Parr, of Pueblo, to the pólice matron asking her to secure a house-keeper for him, which he was accnserl of hnvirnr lawlully detained, buc that was all he knew about tlie matter. Juilge Sales, who will defend the governor, said the letter was addressed to the pólice matron, and Miss Dwyer had a right to open it. He wiil demand that the letter be put in evidence. Postoffice Inspector McMecliin indignantly denies the statement that the arrest was made for political purpuses and says he will be ablo to make out a good case against the accused.


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