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Preserve the copies ot the Argus containing the schedule of rates of the new tariff law. You will want to refer to this information at some future time. The Argus begins in this issue the publication of the schedules of the new tariff law. They are exact, full and complete. The complete free list and full provisions of the income tax are also given. There in no more reason for any democrat to desert his party because of the betrayal of its interests by a few trusted legislators than there was for a relapse into heathenism on the part of the disciples because of the treachery of Judas. Let it be noted that the new tariff bill absolutely forbids the importation of goods made, wholly or in part, by convict labor. This is a democratie move for the protection of American workingmen against such a competition. The democratie party is the only true friend of the laboring man. That large numbers of the thinking independent republicans will bolt the state ticket this fall there is no doubt, and evidences of such intention are coming to light every day. There are some in the republican party who have sufficient independence to refuse to wear the machine Corporation collar. - Lansing State Democrat. According to the bureau of statistics the exports from the United States during the eleven months ending May 31, 1894, araounted to $834,000,000, as against $782,000,000 in the like period of 1893. The significant thing about this showing is that more than half of this increase is in exports from the south, showing a decided revival of business in that section. On page six of this paper will be found the schedules of the new tariff act relating to chemicals, oils and paints; earths, earthenware and glassware; metáis and manufactures of metáis; woods and manufactures of wóods; and sugar. The rates are given in parallel column with the rates of the McKinley act so that the amount of change in each instance is easily discovered. New South Wales, after a two years' trial of protection, has overthrown the protection government and returned a free trade majority to the Commons. The election was conducted under a new law which establishes. practical manhood suffrage. The defeat of protection is therefore a popular movement against the protection experiment. Thus does the free trade sentiment continue its onward march. The complaints from the republican press upon the inexcusable and unprecedented delay in passing a tariff bilí comes with poor grace from representatives of a party that consumed six weeks more time on the McKinley bilí than has been required for the entire consideration of the bill just passed. There seemed to be unreasonable delay, it is true, but the delay was not by representative democrats; it was all caused by fillibustering republicans, aided by a few faithless democrats. - Michigan (Sturgis) Democrat. On Monday, September 3a, occurs the annual school election of the city of Ann Arbor. This is an election that should interest every voter in the city, an election that should never be allowed to go by default as is frequently the case. No other single interest of the city costs so much money, is so sacred and so closely connected with the well being of every family as that of the public schools. Every voter should attend this election, therefore, and perform Iris citizen's duty. This does not imply that the business appertaining to the schools has not been wisely managed, for it has, and our schools are everywhere recognized as among the best in a state famed for the excllence of its education facilities; but in order to not only maintain their present high reputation, but to keep them abreast of the educational advancement of the times, a never flagging interest on the part of those most vitally conccrned is necessary. Other elections which have but a small fraction of the direct, personal importance to the people of the city, command the attention of a far larger percentage of the voting population. This is not as it should be. Let the annual school election be more largely attended.


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