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Washington, Sept. 20.- In compliance with a resolution of tliu seuate, introducsd by Seuator Pettigrew, the interstate cornnierce conmiission has cotiipileci some data regardiug the ownership of r,üroads by foreign eoverutnents. This is sumnianzed as follows: "Is appears that ten countries do uot own or opérate rallvvays, viz: Colutnbia, Gieat Brititiu and Irelaud, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey,Uuited States aod Uruguay. The followina: governments own and opérate some of the railways: Argentina, Australasia, Autria-Huugary, Balgium, Brazil, Canada, Cape oL Good Hope, Chili, Denmark, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Kussia and Sweden - eighteen. Americana Travel the Cheapest. "The following governments own part oL their railways, but do not opérate any, leasing all the present mileage to private companies, viz: Greece, Holland, and Italy - three. Tbough not claimed to be accurate, it is believed that the foregoiug summary representa an approximately correct statement of the relation of the various governments to the railways of the workl." A comparison oL passenger charges per mile shows an average in Great Britain of 4.42 cents for first class, 3.20 cents for second class, and 1.94 for third class. Iu Fwince the average is 3.86 cents for first clans, ü 8iS cents for secoiid class, and 2.08 cents for third elass. In Germauy the rate is 3. In cents lirst class, 2.32 cents second class, and 1.54 cents third class. In the United State tne average charge is 2.12 cents. Alsu tlie Freight Goes Clieaper. Tbe average charges ton per mile are as followa: In Great Britain 2.8Ú cents, in Francs 2.2.) cents, in Germauy i.64 cents, aud in toe United States l.Oti cout. The interest on capital invested in the several countries is as follows: United Kingdom 4.1 per cent., France 3. H per cent., Germany 5.1 per cent., Hussia 5 3 per cent., Austria 3.1 percent., Belgium 4.6 per cent., United States 3.1 percent. Th world 3.2 per cent. The System Kxtant la Austria. The system of operation of the railroads in different countries is indicated: In Austria about 4 per cent. of the railway mileage is owned and about 73 per cent. U operated by the state. Upon the expira tion of charters, not exceedlng ninety years, tbe Unes, lands and buildings of the companies are turned over to the governmeut, but the equipment remains the property of the private owner. Before a idi.way is opeued it must be approved by the minister of commerce. The tariffs of roads are flxed by the goverument; tüusa of the companies are subject to revisión by the government every three ye us, and the governmeut has power to reduce ratea if ttie net earnings exceed 15 per cent. on capital.


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