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Democratic Meetings

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YM. G. DOTY and THOS. A. BOGLE, At Knight School House, icio Town, Friday, Oct. 19, at 7:30 HON. ELLIOT G. STEVENSON and THOS. D. KEARNEY, At Smith's Hoic), Whitmore Lake, Friday, Oct. 19. at 7:30. J.W1LLAKD BABBITTand .rOHNP.KIHK. At Judd's School Houee, York, Saturday evening, Oct. 20, at 7:30. THOMAS A. BOGLE and F. GKOVE CAMPBELL, At Roberto School House, Pittsiield, Saturday evening, Oct. 20, at 7:30. M. J. LEHMAN and F.G. CAMPBELL At Foster's School House, Friday evening, Oct. 19, at 7:30. BON. JAS. S. GORMAN, Ho. CHAS. R. WHIT.MAN, At Milan, Oetober25, evening. HON. JAS. S. GORMAN, At Grange hall, Nortb Lake, Ootober 26, Cveníiiíi. At Lima Center, Oct. 27, evening. At Manchester, Nov. 3, evening. Hos. CUAS. R. WHIT.MAN, JAMES SCHERMERHORN. At Chelsea, Oct. 22, evt-nin. At Dexter, Oct. 23, evening. At Saline, Oct. 36, evening. At Manchester, Oct. 27, evening. HON. CHAS. K. WHITMAN, At Superior town hall, Oct. 2Í), evening. At Frtedom, Oct. 31, town hall, evening. HON. CHAS. R. WHITMAN, D. A. HAMMOND, At Vf hittaker, Oct. :iü, evening. C. H. MANLY and F. GROVE CAMPBELL, At Lancaster School House, Bridgewater, Monday evening, Oct. 22nd. WM.G. [1OTY and F. GROVE CAMPBELL. At Reuwick School House, Salem, Tuesday evening, Oct. 23d. J. WI LLARD BABBITTand JOHN P. KIRK, At Lowden school house, Ypsilanti town, Wednesday evening, Oct. 24th. M.J. LEHMAN and F. GROVE CAMPBELL, At Bridgewater town huil. Thureday evenIng, Oct.25th. TfM. G. DOTY and F. GROVE CAMPBELL, At Geddes school house, Ann Arbor town, Friday evening, Oct. 2t!ih. J.. WILLARD BABBITT'and M. .T. LEHMAN At Mills' school house, Pittsiield township, Monday eveninf?, Oct . 29th. J. NELSON LEWIS, LodiTown Hall, Saturday evening, Oct. 20, at 7:30. M, J. LEHMAN and W. G. DOTY, Devine School House, Webster, Monday evening, Oct. 22, at 7:30. J. WILLARD BABBITTand JOHN P. KIRK Walsh School House, Northfield, Tuesday evening Oct. 25. at7:3O. HON. CHAS. R.WHHITMAN and F. GROVE CAMPBELL, Lodi Town Hall, Wednesday, Oct. 24, at 7:30. M.J. LEHMAN and F. GROVE CAMPBELL, Weetfall School House, Bridgewater, Thmsday, evening, Nov. 2.


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