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Returning from church Sunday, last week, Mr. and Mrs. W. Van Wert, of West Wheatland, found clothes burning, carpets soaked with kerosene, and $100 missing. Incendiarism was a failure, but a piece of coat-sleeve was recognized as a rag from Patsey McCabe's coat. Patsey was nabbed and is in, and al] but $9 of the money was recbvered. Moral : Be a scoundrel or a fooi, as you prefer, but don't combine too much talent. Says the Northville Record: "We are ready now for that wood and those potatoes which some of our subscribers signified their wish to furnish us." Those subscribers of the Record, who thought to put up a practical joke on the editor, will now see that they fired a boomerang. They supposed that Mr. Neal was going to "lie supinely on his back and hug the delusive phantom of hope" till cold and starvation had bound him hand and foot. Those wood and that potatoes, gentlemen! "The Ann Arbor Argus says the postmaster at Howell is abouttoget' married. Now hold on, gentlemen; this man has been married over twenty years, and hasn't the faintest idea of making a change. Further, were he to travel the world over he says he could never do as well again . And finally, he is a democrat and one wife is all that is allowed. " - Livingston Democrat. Well, it may be that the Howell postmaster knows more about this business than the Argus does; but we can teil him one thing, - the Argus is a very reliable paper, and he had better not lay himself liable by disputing its statements. Andrew Hood, a wealthy farmer of Rome, Lenawee county, met "farm buyers," with whom he rode, to show them farms. They overtook a deaf traveler who wanted to ride. The deaf man had lots of cash and a pack of cards. The strangers bet on a trick and lost, but Hood saw how they lost. He bet and won. Deafy grew excited and would bet $2,000 it couldn't be done again. The other strangers told Hood they would put up $1,000 with $1,000 of his and "do" the fellow. Hood drew it and put it in a cigar box with their $1,000. A date was made and Hood was to keep the box tül the fine sucker was hooked. On different excuses the three strangers left Hood alone and when he opened the box no money was there. At present he is practicing crawling back and fourth through a knot hole in a board fence.


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