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The office of the American hotel will be enlarged. Also electric cali bells are being placed in the rooms. The Ann Arbor High Schools and the Normals witt play football at the fair grounds, tomorrow at 10 o'clock. Next Sunday a very large class of Probationers will be received into full membership of the M.E. church. This will be one of the great occasions in the history of this church. The Morenci Observer remarks that Gov. McKinley, at Adrián, "was in good voice but talked against a stiff breeze. " Yes, the governor will find that he has talked against a stiff breeze all the f all. "Shall Wotnen be Eligible to Election to the General Conference?" is a question that may be voted on Wednesday evening, Nov. 21, by members of the M. E. church over 21 years of age. The meeting should be largely attended. It seems to the unspiritual eye of the Argus that the ladies should be erabraced in or by the conference. No. 1589 won the $25 watch at hred Brown's, VVednesday evening. John Krause, whose fingers were reached after and nipped by a "sticker," has sufficiently recovered to resume work in Luick's planning mili. 6 The farmers of this county are digging some pretty fine potatoes out from under the Wilson tariff la-w, and getting a good price for j them. I The Ann Arbor correspondent of the Free Press, announcing the appearance of the Daily Courier, adds that'' it will be republican in poliI tics." This is a most unpardonable tautology. Supervisor Galpin, of Superior, i after expending some very expensive adjectives on the rascally thief who had stolen his horse, found the quadruped in the woods on his own farm. His nightmare ended. The students' prohibition club will meet this eveiing at Room 12, law building, at 7 p. m., for the purpose of electing officers, and perhaps for parceling out the offices to be secured in Washington, should Editor Grandon be elected to congress. Jacob Maurer was before Justice Pond. Wednesday, charged with mistaking the illuminated court house dial for the full moon, on a cloudy night. As Jacob could give no better reason for this optical illusion than that his head ached, the justice sent him to jail for ten days. The third social in the series of Inland League entertainments was held Monday evening. A musical program was executed by J. Bendinger, Miss Elsie Liebig, and Leon and Cari Jones, the latter in cornet and trombone duets. Miss Davidson gave readings. Miss Minnie Davis accompanied the songs. Prof. D'Ooge will speak on "My Sumrrier in Norway and Sweden," for the benefit of the Ladies' Library, at the home of Miss Douglas, 62 East Huron street, on the even ■ ;ng of Tuesday, October 23. Prof. D'Ooge has but recently returned from a sojourn in these countries, and his lecture will be very entertaining to all. Everyone is inviíed. Admission 20 cents. Young Men's Sunday Evening Club of the Congregational church: A special musical program will be provided and a responsive service in which all are requested to particípate. Address by the Pastor - Topic: "Christ's Cali to Young Men." All, especially young men who have no other church home, are cordially invited to attend. Some University professors are soon to issue a book on "Bibliography of Criticism." We hope they will get on to the homogeneousness of republican sentiment concerning the Wilson tariff bill, as an illustration of homolography of idiotie criticism, a very important point to an expert bibliomaniac. - Thus Wilard Stearns. The Lord be merciful to him, a sinner! F. D. Clark, superintendent of the Michigan School for the Deaf, sends the Argus a copy of the Mirror, published by the school, the work being done entirely by the pupils. The scholarship displayed s excellent. The Argus is asked to notice the editorial entitled " Our State Census," and would gladly do so if the article could be found in the number sent, and were warranted by its excellence. The recent arrests at Ypsilanti, under the state law, for liquor violations, have had a sobering effect at the other end of the "link." The Commercial, referring to. the new water find in this city, observes that "water is one of the most valuable mineral producís known to man" and congratulates Ann Arbor on her good fortune. Like all new converts, the Commercial is enthusiastic. Mrs. John G. Wild died at her home on West Kourth street last night, after a brief illness, of inflammation of the lungs. She leaves her husband and seven children, Messrs. Gottlieb H., David, Gottlobe, Will, and Misses Caroline, Ragenia and Minnie, to mourn her loss. The funeral will be held on Saturday, at the residence, at 1 p. m. The deceased was 54 years, 11 months and 18 days of age. The family have the sincere sympathy of numerous friends in their sad bereavement. Prof: Ansbach, a sleight of hand performer of much merit, strolled in where the supervisors were wrestling with those problems that wrench the frames of statesmen - the allowance of bilis. The singular gentleman passed around among the supervisors with a hat, and gathered from them a large collection of coins, extracting the cash from their eyes, ears, noses, mouths and pockets. It was the fïrst time in the history of that matchless aggregation that any of them had ever been robbed lof what they did not have. I The Columbian stamp has disappeared. A new curtain for the opera house is being painted by C. Stabler. Miss Sarah Emerick, of Ypsilanti, died Tuesday evening, of cáncer. Prof. Ansbach astonished a large audience at the School of Music building last evening. Zion church, struck by lightning a few weeks ago, has been repaired and the staging removed. The Political Equality Club wil] this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, plot against frail men, at McMillan hall. Pressure of work compels Rev. C. M. Cobern to decline the associate editorship of the American Antiquarian. Chas. H. Kempf has been reelected superintendent of the poor. Martin Davenport also follows himself as court house janitor. In the senior law class, the presidency is being agitated. Doyle, of Illinois, is put forward by that state, and other states have candidates. Michigan has not decided on its choice. An oyster supper for the benefit of the Germán M. E. church will be held in the basement of the English M. E. church next Thursday evening. Oysters, coffee, and a short entertainment. The trial of Paul Tessmer, charged with taking groceries from Stabler's store in August last, resulted yesterday in his acquittal by a jury before Justice Pond. The Argus is informed that it was in error in stating that Mr. Tessmer was in jai 1 on the charge made against him. Rev. Dr. Cobern will deliver the first of the course of Inland League lectiyes next Monday evening, at the Church of Christ. Subject: "Some Skeptical Objections which have been Buried by the Excavator's Spade in Egypt, since I left College." ■_ A man named Wra. McCormick died suddenly on the farm of Walter Kinghorn, five miles southeast of Ypsilanti, Tuesday. He hired as a farm hand, and was set to work husking corn. Notreturning search was made and he was found dead where had been at work. The Young VVomans' Christian Association will give an entertainment in the Baptist church next Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock, for the benefit of the order. The purposes of the order are such as to deserve the help of all good people, and the young ladies should be encouraged. Admission 10 cents. The following figures of City Assessor O'Hearn show the assessments on the lateral sewers: District No. 1, assessed valuation, $302,500; amount to be raised, $3,939.30. Rate per $1,000 of assessed valuation, 13.02. District No. 2: Assessed valuation, $542,150 ; amount to be raised $6,826.75. Rate per $1,000, 12.60. J. N. Lewis addressed a democratie campaign meeting at Jerusalem last night. The oíd familiar hymn, "Jerusalem, My Happy Home," has been ruined for life now. - Daily Courier. That's a campaign lie ! The concensus of God's people - the democracy - was so great and the old hymn welled up from the throatsof the multitude in such swelling diapasón, that the republican gentiles marveled and exclaimed: " Behold the fulfillment of the prophecies, in spite of our high tariff tricks. Jerusalem is Deing rebuilt." The finest and best hand-made narness, at Fred Theurers'. The íirst of a series of law suits against the three principal men who organized the Keeley institute in this city was commenced yesterday at Detroit, Dr. Coombs being the plaintiff. The stockholders here claim that they were induced to put in money under false representations, while the defendants scout any such idea. - Washtenaw Times. The supervisors have fixed salaries as follows: County clerk, $1,200 ; treas.urer, $1,000; prosecuting attorney, $1,200; probate register, $1,300; commissioner of schools, $1,500; superintendents of the poor, $3 per diera and expenses; members board of school examiners, $4 per day; boarding prisoners, I2}4 cents per meal. Several hundred dollars reduction in the aggregate. The trade winds of luck stiil blow against the hopes and desires of Rev. M. M. Goodwin. The "good ship" Columbia is still in port and yellow fever has broken out in that región of the Bluefields. The Columbia herself, thanks to the fervent, effectual prayers of the chaplain, is not affected. but shouU! the Rev. Goodwin take a passenger ship he must remain in quarantine about three weeks at New Orleans, and during those dreadful three weeks heaven only knows what would happen to strew the billows with newly I wrecked hopes. One thing, however, can be set down as fact, and that is, that whoever again catches the eider out on another rnission like the present, after he once gets home, will have his permission to hang hira from a yard-arm of the vessel. We have received from a madam in Salt Lake City a circular commending a preparation forwhichshe is general agent, for restoring gray hair to its original color. She invites us to send a sample of our hair and be convinced. In answer to this bald invitatiorf we have only to say that when we express the top of our gentile head to Utah to be juggled by some female mystery of Mormondom, it will be when we have reached the period of hairless senility; and when we haven't any hair it will be of no use to color it. The only way in which we have preserved our hair, to this date, has been by dodging the blandishments of those of whom we were in doubt, and it is not yet late enough with us to begin to be foolish on this subject. Our hair shall stay right in Arm Arbor. W. VV. Wedemeyer will take the stump for the republicans next week, in the western part of the county. - Times. Taking into account Mr. Wedemeyer's staturetory altitude, the Argus is puzzled to understand what could have induced him to take the stump, unI less it is to get on an air-line with Ihisnotions of a high tariff. Mr. Wedemeyer is a reputable young man and stands high, morally and physicaljy, in the community; the Argus, therefore, regrets that he should have oxydized his escutcheon with the leaden hue of republicanism. But we trust it will turn out with our friend of the three doubleyews according to the experience of another speaker of this campaign. When he was remonstrated with for his heresies, said he: "I didn't fooi 'em any; they didn't believe a word I said !"