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Riot At St. Louis Primaries Several Persons Hurt In An Attack On A Number Of Negroes

Riot At St. Louis Primaries Several Persons Hurt In An Attack On A Number Of Negroes image
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St. Louis, Oct. 18.- A riot broke out at oneof the polling places In the Seienth ward. where Republican primarles were belng held for the seleetion of delegates co ■publican city and the Twelfth district :'.;:r_rrr-Mo!i:i! conveiitions. ni,v, and pisbols were drawn, and for a time it looked as if there mighi be bloodshed, I ; ; t nobody received more tïian braises. Piftecn pólice oífioers appettred on the sceno and quelled the riot, arresting Tom Molonej . one oí t! i Leadcrsof the gang which caused the trouble, andnine ortenotli : men. Several leaders escaped du ring the confusión. It seems that therlot conimenced when A. H. Luster drove np t the polling place wlth a shotgun and announced hlmsolf an A. P. A., and said lic was nfraid of nobody. Another version is that ho damned the A. J'. A. and satd that he was ready to iightauy member of that organización. His reniark-i, whatever they were, inoensed the crowd and a rush was made for liini. He drove off aml escaped, but the trouble continued and the meivwho were later arrested attacked a mimbcr of negroes who liad already voted, or who were waiting to do so, for the reason, it is said. that they were supporting A. P A. eandidates. A crowd of several hundred people gathered around the aegroes, who were knocked down and beaten and the single policoman present, flndiiijï that he could not control the mob telephoned f"L' additional officers who quelled the riot. Lustar was arrested later. He said that he was taking a i'riend to the polls in his buggy, while on his way to go hunting. Tliis, he said, accouñted for the presence of hls s-un.


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