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An analysis of the vote of Michigan last...

An analysis of the vote of Michigan last... image
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An analysis of the vote of Michigan last Tuesday does not furnish much in the way of an increased vote on whirh republicans can felicítate themselves. The result does not show any appreciable gain for protection principies. While the republicans have carried the state with the largest majority in its history, their vote in all but three of the congressional districts is very far short of their vote two years ago. In the first, second and fifth districts into which they sent their ablest speakers and spent money the most lavishly, because they considered them doubtful, their vote is very slightly increased. But even in these districts, with all the effort made, the largest gain was a paltry 800 votes. In the doubtful tenth, notwithstanding all efforts, they lost 4,000 votes. In the eleventh and twelfth, they lost 8,000 and 7,000 respectively. The following table, not official but sufficiently accurate for the purpose, shows the vote on congressmen this year in comparison with that of two years ago: ISü:;. 1894. djstiucts. 1 , . ' . liiM). Dem. liep. Dem. First 17,ñ;: 20,288 17,1147 13.200 tteoond 21,44:; 22,007 2,188 16,877 Thlrd 21,287 15.H02 16,872 11,808 Fourth 2l,:tf3 20,248 17.H0H 10,016 Kifili 20,189 20,120 20,444 11,275 Si.xtli 21.1(11 IÏ.86M 15,3111 11,294 Beventh l,t02") 9,759 8,878 Kijrhth 17,43 1 ]5,HN l,.jst ." W, Ninth I9-.969 WWó ,X24 4,760 Tentli 14,899 14, X 11,686 ,322 Eleventh 18,869 ]ti,03ñ 10,425 :,."1 Twelfth 20,007 16,674 12,1)82 4,-4: These figures are significant, and show that few converts to republicanism have been made. They indícate that the democrats stayed at home and left their opponents to do the voting. Democrats have not deserted the cause of tariff reform and become protectionists, but have refrained from voting because of dissatisfaction with existing conditions and disgust that the party leaders failed to keep faith with the people. So far as figures are at hand, with certain local exceptions, the same causes seem to have been responsible for the slump the country over. The democrats have simply hied themselves to the woods and left the republicans to take possession of whatever they desired. Republicans must not suppose, however, that the election of 1896 is already won. There is little doubt but that there are more democrats than republicans in the country today, as there always has been, and when the hard times brought about by protection scoundrelism, have entirely passed away and the advantages of the VVilson tariff have become clearly manifest, these runaways will come out of the woods and let the enemy understand that democrocy is sti1 very much alive and numbering among its adherents a majority of the voters of the country. Chairman Wm. L. Wilson gives his views on the causes of the recent democratie defeat, in part as foliows: Undoubtedly there were local influentes, as there were individual camlid;icies and factional flghts, that contributed to and emphasized the general result, but it níust be admitted that there were strong forces, everywhere operativo, that really shaped and brought ibout the result. And the greatest of all these forces was the severe industrial depression that for a year or more past has hardened the lot and made anxious the lives of a large section of our people. Hard times isan enemy bel'ore which no political party in America has ever been able to make a successf u) stand wlien in power. This is, and perhars always will be, a weak point in popular government. When labor is out of employment, wlien farm producís are low, when our financial system is disorganized, the wisest adrninistration of government and the most wholesome laws do not avail to save a party from temporary and disastrous overthrow. Moreover, the whole teaching of the protective system trains men to pend. not on individual effort, the plain virtues of hidustry, thrift and temperance, l'or business prosperity and materia] comfort, but on overnment aid and laws of congress. Culberson, the democratie candidate for governor of Texas, thought to score a point in his own favor by jumping the platform of his party and coming out in favor of free silver. As a result he finds himself from 20,000 to 30,000 votes behind the rest of the democratie ticket. Richard P. Bland, the original free silverite, 16 to 1, from Missouri, was also voted down into the company of the lamented McGinty. The prominence given the issue in this state by the democratie candidate for governor and in this district by the congressional nominee resulted apparently in adding no strength to their cause. All this would seem to imply that the question has not taken as strong a hold upon the masses as many candidates supposed. William L. Wilson is defeated. His successful opponent is named Dayton. Bear it in mind if you can. Kight years ago William L. Morrison was defeated. Does any one remember the name of his successor in congress ? Four years ago William McKinley was defeated. Does any one remember the name of his successor? The names of Morrison, McKinley and Wilson will live because of the worth of the men. But scarcely one in ten thousand remembers that it was Jehu Baker who beat Morrison, and that it was John T. Warwick who defeated McKinley. Dayton will shine in the light of Wilson for a while, but the second district of West Virginia '. exchanged a giant for a pigmy. - 1 Utica Observer. i The most important result of the : democratie victory of 1S92, is the 1 right-about-face of the country in its economie policy. With this great accomplishment the name of Hon. Wm. L. Wilson will foreverbe indissolubly linked. Hedida grand 1 work for the people of this country in his fight for the principie that no man shall be taxed for the private benefit of another, but that there : shall be equality of opportunity for all men in the struggle for existence. The loss of such a man from the councils of the party is a serious disaster. He with his record can endure defeat, but the party can ill afford his loss. Republicans are now smiling in a way to be heard several blocks off, at the odd spectacle of one lone democrat in the legislature. But suppose the republicans should be tied on United States senator, and thus place the casting vote in the hands of the democratie party, there would be a case of the tail waggling the dog, that would take the titter out of the faithful and plant a pleasant smile on the cold, pallid features of the democracy. Let the republicans in the delirium of victory "despise not the day of small things." " One sweetly solemn thought comes o'er us more and more," to wit, namely: that the cheap to-closeout job lot of republican candidates which the election has unexpectedly heaved into prominence as legislators, will be responsible for the next two years for their own acts in the state legislature. Many are the republican office seekers, nominated by their party, merely to kill and get rid of them, who avvoke the morning after election to find themselves famous. In the West Bay City contested election case the supreme court ousts the republican and seats the democratie comptroller, because forty ballots wrongly marked were counted for the respondent. This same kind of trouble prevailed all over the country last Tuesday. The cross was placed under the republican instead of the democratie j ing. We demand a recount and the throwing out of all such ballots. "How did it happen?" has been asked many times today. The anSwer is not important. It will not happen again. - -Ypsilanti Sentinel. Already Governor Rich is becoming alarmed over the "greatest show ! on earth" which ie is expected to I exhibit in Lansing this winter. He i fears the animáis are not sufficiently trained to render the exhibition entirely safe to the people of the state. He declares he will belabor them with the veto should they manifest too great a spirit of ferociousness. According to ancient and just precedent, the minority party in legislative bodies is given representation on all committees. This righteous custom entitles the democratie party in the next legislature to recognition. Mr. Donovan, of Bay, is the democratie party and 'ought to be on all the committees. The Register tauntingly hints that the Argus can now fatten its old rooster for Thanksgiving. The Argus usually disdains to notice the attacks of its adversaries; but when a man deliberately pours sulphruic acid on the proud flesh of the wounded democracy he is nothing short of a murderous brute ! Of the ioo members of the new Michigan house of representatives, only 28 have had previous legislative experience, while but 8 of the 31 senators have been there before. They should be called in extra session and coached before regular business begins. The Free Press is authority for the statement that "the democratie party is still alive. " It does not furnish affidavits, however. - Courier. Well, why should it? We have a not large, but rêspectable minority in the legislature. No man can say a word against Mr. Donovan. Is it not about time that the management of the street railway provided some means for heatmg their cars? It is extremely unpleasant for their patrons such weather as this to have to occupy a car where the temperature is as Iow as it is outside. The government will pay the cost of transportation on silver dollars to any part of the United States. If a larger use of the white metal is needed in the transaction of the business of the country, why is not this fact taken advantage of? The minority party in the Michigan legislature will not ba torn with jealousies and factional strife during the approaching legislative pow wow. It will be compact, and will present a bold and solid front to the enemy. After thinking the matter over, the Argus is of the opinión that the board of supervisors were about right in reducing the salaries of the county officers. It can do no harm to try the experiment a couple of years, anyway. The democratie campaignin Ühio was conducted on the free silver issue. While it was not the cause of the tremendous democratie rout there, at least not the chief cause, it apparently added no strength to the ticket. After this, if you don't like the weather, just remember that the republicans are running the job. 'Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: We're licked again. " It was tight nipping to save Texas, but we did it.


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