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Chicago, 'ov 12.- Xearly a wcek has passed siuce tho voters gave thcir decisión of tho polltical issues, and although the general result was sufficiently emphatic to havo been mado dcflnitoly known before midnight Tuesday, Nov. 6, there were a few uncertaintios, a few of which remain to be cleared up. Ono of these, and tho most uneertain, is the question who will br governor of California. A telegram from San Francisco stays that haS agaln beoomo a question wlüc'i a fow days ;i:o was considerad settled. What was at lirst supposed to be a decided vloüory for Budd, thu Democratie caudiiliite for tovovaor, has now developed into a question of very serióos doubt and thc oílieial canvass will probably be left to decide the contest between Budd and his opponent. Of the S,ü74 pivcincts in thc statr -,1 lö hiive beon heard from and Budd has out 7ÜÜ plurality. ïhe Deinocrats claim that t lie oiricial count will Budd öUOmofein San Francisco, which will leavo him with 1,200 plurality and 169 precinets to licar from. There is talk uf contesting the electlon If the official , nint givus thu eleetiou co Budd. The k. publloans havo practlcally everything sise and six of tlio scven oongressrhen. Tlie next mooted qEesl Ion wa as to tlio govornorship o( Tenneusee, but that has apparently been settled by the Deinocrats fconeeding the election of Evans, Republicau, on the face of the returns and tho Republicana claim a plurality of about 1,800 votes. The logislaiiire is Democratie and thcre is niuch talk of fraud on both sidos. One oí the charges is - on both Bidés - that returns have been held back to see "how many votes were needed." But the fact is that the returns were never sent in so rapidly in the history of t lic state. The rosult in Texas is dcfinitely known, and is the election of a Democratie governnr by a plurality of about 50,01)0, a Populist vote largcly increased over 1892, twelve Democratie congressmen and one Iiepublican. In New Mexico the Republicana get the delégate and the loglslafcure Btands two Republloan majority in bhe house and two Democratie maiority in the senate. Tbe PopUlists carried one county. The Deinocrats wound up the week by gainlng two oongrosswion credlted to the Republicana, Kem in Nebraska now beats lus Republican conipotitor, Dougher'y. Holcomb, however, has over 3,000 plurality, and the Republicana have concluded n ot to oontest the case. Tliey have the legislatnre and everything else. Republieans are reportad tohave lost another congressnian - Hopkins, in Ketueky, wbo was reported to have boaten Kendall. 1 jatcr reports give the iight to the latter by 104 plurality. Ri-viecd figures on the plurality of Morton for govei-nor of New York give him a plurality of 155,688. Soine other figures that are very neaxly correct are as follows - on pluralities for the licad of the Republioan ticket: Wiseonsin, except four counties casting Vï.000 votes, gives Upham 51,498. Indiana, all but ten eouuties, 46,445, Minnesota, all but six counties, 59,268. Missouri, official, unofficial and carefully estimated froru the whole state, 11,093. lowa, from every county, 78,70:j. The Populista claim a gain of 45,000 in Wiseonsin. lllinuis rívos a plurality for tlie Republicans of about 180.000. North Carolina advices are scarce, but bhe fusionists have carried Mie state and will send two senBtors to the United States congress. In West Virginia Hon. Wllllam E. Chilton, secretary of state and chainnan of the Democratie state cominittee, states that the Republicans will have a majority on joint ballot in tho next legislature of thirty-eight. There are already ten candidates for United States senator in the iield, and the list is being swelled daily. Judge Goff and Stephen B. Elkins are the most prominent.


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